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19 Drunk Texts That Deserve To Be Left On Read

"Is this future me?" "No, it's Isabelle."

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to submit the funniest drunk texts they've ever sent or received. Here are some of the mst hilaiosj submikjissiokmns.

1. This is what happens when you're drunk and forget to take your birth control.


2. Hi Pee, nice to meet you.


3. "I'm drunk* *alone."


4. "Lol?"


5. Someone @ Playstation!!!


6. This sad reality for a fictional creature.


7. "Judge. All you want."


8. This relatable text convo.


9. This... sext...?


10. When your worth depends on market rates. :/


11. Drunk people love dog pics! It's a fact!!!


12. Write drunk, edit sober. Always.


13. "Is this future me?" "No, it's Isabelle."


14. When you think Uber's tryna holla.


15. "I AM Q GENTLEMEN and I RESPECT WOMEN" sounds like something someone who is neither a gentleman nor respectful of women would drunkenly text.




17. This absolutely BRUTAL takedown of a fuccboi.


18. And this grandma who clearly knows how to ring in yet another year.


Good luck in 2018, drunk texters!

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