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    Ladies, If Your Man Doesn't Treat You The Way Doug Emhoff Treats Kamala, Dump Him

    The greatest love stories? Romeo and Juliet. U-Haul lesbians. And now? Kamala and Doug.

    Ladies, listen up.

    I'm sick and tired of seeing us lower our standards for extremely mediocre, if not subpar, men.

    being attracted to men is so embarrassing, the bar is so low, we're like "and when i talk he listens 🥺" 🤢

    Twitter: @BeeBabs

    We practically swoon if a guy in his twenties has a bed frame. We laugh at their "jokes" that are really just them quoting a movie badly. We romanticize Trader Joe's cashiers just because they treat us with kindness and offer genuinely great customer service. It's sad!

    Listen to me now and listen close: You deserve more. We all deserve more. We all deserve Doug Emhoffs.

    Dough Emhoff with hearts drawn around his face


    If my man doesn't have a sticker of my face on his iPhone*, I DON'T WANT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

    Doug Emhoff taking a selfie next to Vice President Harris

    Get you a shman who looks at you the way Doug looks at Kamala while she holds up her merch!

    Kamala Harris holding up a shirt that says Madam Vice President

    *heart and ovaries simultaneously explode*

    Doug Emhoff pointing proudly at the shirt

    Like it literally gets me all h*t and b*thered when a man knows how to step the f*ck back and LET 👏 HIS 👏 QUEEN 👏 SHINE!!!!!!! 👏

    Doug Emhoff standing to the side as Kamala Harris speaks to the press

    And look at KING DOUGIE ON HIS INSTAGRAM HUSBAND SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍 Loving, supportive, and PROUD!!! REAL KING BEHAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In all seriousness, I genuinely think Doug Emhoff's project should be getting more men into therapy!!! It's only right!!!!!!!

    I hope Doug Emhoff’s project as second dude will be to convince men to finally go to therapy and stop ruining women’s lives

    Twitter: @CamilleSquires

    "We did it, Kamala. We got men to actually work on themselves." —Doug

    Now repeat after me, girlies: "I will no longer settle for men who don't give ✨Doug-Emhoff-Second-Gentleman✨ energy to my ✨Madam-Vice-President-Kamala-Harris✨ energy."

    Doug Emhoff and Kamala Harris embracing on stage

    It's 2021. If you're not dating a Doug Emhoff, CUT 👏 HIM 👏OFF!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    Doug Emhodd hugging his wife after she is sworn in as Vice President