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Updated on Jul 19, 2020. Posted on Jul 14, 2020

17 Surreal Pictures From The "Phase Reopening" Of Disney Parks

This is the reality.

As you've probably heard, Disney parks all over the world have started "phased reopening" despite apprehension from many public health experts over COVID-19.

Disney World employees pose while socially distanced outside Cinderella's Castle
Handout / Walt Disney World Resort via Get

Additionally, other Florida theme parks have already reopened with similar safety measures — SeaWorld has been reopened since June 11, and Universal Studios since June 5.

Disney World in Florida officially reopened its Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom parks on Saturday, but with new precautions in place.

Visitors walk toward a tent to get their temperatures checked before entering the park
Gregg Newton / Gregg Newton/AFP via Getty Image

For example, face coverings are now mandatory.

A crowd of people wearing  masks waits to enter the park
Gregg Newton / Gregg Newton/AFP via Getty Image

And temperature screenings before entering is a new thing.

Guests pass signs that point to temperature screening stations and issue COVID-19 warnings
Orlando Sentinel / Getty Images

(Like so.)

A visitor gets their temperature checked by an employee
Orlando Sentinel / Getty Images

Signs promoting social distancing have also been posted around all the theme parks.

A sign says "Maintain physical distancing"

All employees have to wear masks, and sometimes even face shields.

Security guards in face shield check visitors' bags
Orlando Sentinel / Getty Images

Like...this is wild.

Disney cast member greet visitors while wearing protective masks
Handout / Walt Disney World Resort via Get

But despite everything, some people have not been dissuaded.

A group of girls in Mick Mouse ears and face masks pose in the Animal Kingdom theme park
Handout / Walt Disney World Resort via Get

They're just hanging out and going on socially distanced rides, which is a weird new reality.

Four visitors ride Splash Mountain while separated by rows of seats
Orlando Sentinel / Getty Images

As for Disneyland in Anaheim, California, it's keeping its theme parks closed. But its shopping and dining area, Downtown Disney District? Not so much.

Visitors stand six feet apart on the Disney Downtown District promenade

And people are also showing up to that.

A long line of people in masks waiting to enter Disney Downtown District
Robyn Beck / Getty Images

Other Disney destinations are also reopening: Shanghai Disney Resort is currently taking advanced reservations, Disneyland Paris is also reopening in phases, and Tokyo Disney Resort has been reopened since July 1.

Two people take a selfie in front of a Disneyland mural
Robyn Beck / Getty Images

Disneyland Hong Kong reopened on June 18, but because of an increase in infections, it's set to close again on July 15.

A lone visitor wearing a mask sits on a ride
Billy H.c. Kwok / Getty Images

Which, coincidentally, is the same day Disney World also plans to reopen its theme parks Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

A worker holds a Mickey Mouse smile sign over her face mask
Handout / Walt Disney World Resort via Get

So...this is pretty much what Disney looks like now.

A family wearing masks watches Tigger walk by
Orlando Sentinel / Getty Images

Now you know.

A little girl in a Cinderella dress and a mask waves to Daisy Duck during the cavalcade
Handout / Walt Disney World Resort via Get

UPDATE: This post has been updated to provide additional context.

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