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    18 People Who Really Nailed This Whole Couple Thing

    I'm CRINE!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This boyfriend who really went above and beyond with this anniversary gift:

    My boyfriend has taken a picture of me on every single date we’ve been on in the last year. I didn’t know why but for our anniversary he gave me this book😭😍

    2. These adorable grandparents who wear matching outfits EVERY! SINGLE!! DAY!!!!!!!!

    my grandparents have been married for 52 years and they match outfits every day.

    3. This girlfriend who knew juuuust what to get her man as a gift:

    isn't my boyfriend the luckiest boy ever, I even paid to fill the mug with sweets 😝

    4. This girlfriend who proved, once and for all, that she was a whole snacc:

    If Jose breaks up with me just know it’s because he’s had enough

    5. This couple who accidentally got each other the same card:

    u/mikab00 / Via

    6. And this couple who just so happened to get each other embroidered family portraits:

    u/myworkaccountatwork / Via

    7. These high school sweethearts who recreate their first date every year (complete with letterman jacket):

    u/TostitosHabanero / Via

    8. This boyfriend who lovingly helped his girlfriend brush her teeth when she was absolutely ~oblitershmacked~:

    When she's too drunk to brush her teeth, you do it for her 😬

    9. This significant other who handmade this lovely ~Anniversary Time~ card:

    u/Mirifical / Via

    10. This boyfriend who created ART!!!!!!!!!!

    In the middle of having a heart to heart conversation my boyfriend unexpectedly sends me this screen recording...

    11. These two legends who took this pic on their 60th anniversary:

    u/Haminthepaint / Via

    12. This mom who still hypes her husband up like no time has passed:

    the best thing about my mum finally getting a decent phone is her fangirling over my dad on snapchat like a teenager

    13. This couple who met at the dog park and therefore simply HAVE TO celebrate their dogs' anniversary as well:

    u/keatno_pizza / Via

    14. This boyfriend who had the ~proper~ response to his girl's bomb-ass mirror pics:

    15. This couple who have, quite clearly, always loved each other:

    found a box of letters my parents started writing eachother from age 15. I've never met two people more in love.

    16. This S.O. who *attempted* to understand their girl's nail game:

    this shit took me out but A+ for effort

    17. And lastly, this couple who remained steadfast to their banter, even after crossing over:

    u/iEnjinere / Via

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