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    15 ~Reimagined~ Christmas Trees That Are Equal Parts Inventive And Festive

    🎶 Deck the halls with personal takes on age-old traditions 🎶

    1. This clinical-yet-effective "Christmas tree":

    Check out our ER version of a Christmas Tree! I’m loving it ☺️

    2. This patriotic tree that I feel like I should salute back...?

    3. When I say I choked:

    4. *to the tune of the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song* OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH WHO MAKES A PINEAPPLE OUT OF THEIR TREE:

    5. This IT team's tree that I'm sure they're all very pleased with:

    u/fmudhir / Via

    6. This BACTERIAL "tree"????????

    u/LadyMario / Via

    7. This festive wall-tree that definitely has several competing scents:

    u/Daemeos / Via

    8. ~Coney Island~:

    Here it is..........Coney Island! Workers on one of Yeovil's busiest roads are trying to spread a bit of festive joy by building their own version of a Christmas tree #coneyisland #Yeovil

    9. Proof that nothing goes together quite like the holidays and metal fabrication!!!!!

    10. This ChemisTree™:

    u/EarthwormEd / Via

    11. This "tree" that promotes recycling AND Christmas cheer:

    Here's our version of a recycled Christmas tree. Can you spot the fairy? #NYPHoutreach

    12. This "tree" that screams, "If there's no glove, there shan't be love!!!!!"

    Getting festive the sexual health way with our condom Christmas tree 🌲 #noglovenolove

    13. This "tree" overseas:

    u/jerm1820 / Via

    14. This "tree" of KNOWLEDGE!!!!!!!!

    15. And lastly, this Darth Vader tree that'd be extremely terrifying to see in your house at night!!!!!!!!

    u/MissTwatney / Via

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