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    You're Old If You Don't Know This Basic Snapchat Etiquette

    Co-written by my 17-year-old sister who's a lot cooler than me.

    Throughout these recent years, I've heard a lot about so-called "Snapchat etiquette".

    Some people really donโ€™t have snapchat etiquette

    For some reason, everybody knows about it, but no one can say exactly what it is.

    Now the people want answers.

    tbh I want a rule book for snapchat etiquette

    So being one of BuzzFeed's resident Gen Z'ers, I've set out to decode the cultural norms of my people (with the help of my little sister who is exponentially cooler than me).

    1. If someone snaps you, it's rude not to snap back.

    My mom doesnโ€™t know a thing about Snapchat etiquette.

    In this instance, James' mom is a stone-cold snapper.

    2. The uglier the snap, the closer the friendship.

    3. Streaks MATTER.

    But mostly to younger users. They're a sign of friendship dedication!!!

    4. If you're dating someone, then having a yellow heart next to their name is a must!!!

    5. Don't screenshot other people's snaps/stories and then post them on other social media platforms.

    6. Don't make your story too long. No one's gonna watch it.

    7. That being said, don't post a story EVERY ๐Ÿ‘ FIVE ๐Ÿ‘ SECONDS ๐Ÿ‘ of you doing LITERALLY nothing.

    8. If you post something to your story, you shouldn't send it separately to someone.

    9. Filters are for when you're trying to look ~cyoot~ for someone. This mostly applies to the dog filter.

    10. Don't post landscape pictures.

    11. Use a geotag ONCE while you're somewhere, not in every single snap.

    12. Don't respond to someone's snap and then not respond to their text.

    Correct etiquette: answer my text, then look at my snapchat ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

    This is just a quintessential dick move, guys.

    13. If you're responding to someone's snap hours after they sent it, remind them of what they said in their previous snap.

    14. If you're going to a concert, PLS don't snap the whole goddamn thing.

    15. Don't lie and tell someone you're sick and then post a snap of you hanging out with someone else.

    16. Don't watch your ex's story unless you're trying to get them back.

    17. If you're flirting with someone via Snapchat, wait about five minutes before opening their snap, and then respond.

    18. If your crush doesn't respond to your snap within two hours, they're probably not interested.

    19. Don't double-snap a crush or you'll look desperate.

    20. Double-snapping friends is fine, just don't be excessive.

    21. If someone double-snaps you, then you can double-snap back.

    22. Don't send snaps that seem like a one-on-one conversation when in reality, you're sending it to a bunch of people.

    23. Don't post snaps at the gym unless you want everyone and their mother to hate you.

    24. Don't post full songs on your story.

    25. It's okay to leave a conversation while the other person is typing.

    26. Smoking snaps are just kind of awkward and no one gives a flying fudge.


    No one's impressed by you blowing smoke rings in your parents' basement.

    27. If someone's bothering you or creeping you out, BLOCK THEM.

    28. If someone always watches your story, you should ~probably~ always try and watch theirs.

    29. Stories are the best when they're a combo of pictures and videos.

    30. And finally, pet snaps are the only snaps people won't get tired of.

    Happy snapping!!!

    Did we miss any important Snapchat rules? Tell us in the comments!