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17 Black-Owned Occult Shops That Every Witch β€” And Their Entire Coven β€” Should Support

*prepares to sage every aspect of my life*

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

FYI: Because lots of these shops (and other Black-owned businesses) have gotten promo on social media, some shops may be taking a break to fulfill orders already placed. So please fave them on Etsy and come back to them later if that's the case!

1. The Hood Witch has crystals, pendulums, tarot cards made by independent artists, and a complete Bruja Bookshop with lots of vintage mystic resources. Basically, it's the best thing ever.

The Hood Witch

Price: $6β€”$300

Check out the literal treasure trove they have at The Hood Witch.

2. Luna & Lumi is the perfect shop for baby witches looking for starter kits, as well as anyone just in need of some self-love tools!

Luna & Lumi / Etsy

Price: $10β€”$75

See which spell bottles, salt baths, and more appeal to you at Luna & Lumi.

3. Sunflowers & Honeycombs sells everything from exfoliating sugar scrubs (that look good enough to eat...?!?!?) to crystal jar necklaces to the *FABULOUS* sunflower earrings pictured below!

Sunflowers & Honeycombs / Etsy

Price: $7β€”$17

See all their stuff at Sunflowers & Honeycombs.

4. Skin Rituals Shop has great vegan candles and soaps to help you set your intentions, whether they be for in the bedroom or for the full moon. 😏

Skin Rituals Shop / Etsy

Price: $8β€”$300.95

Check out the rest of their vegan products at Skin Rituals Shop.

5. Piscean Spirituality offers *MANY* different spiritual readings and reiki healing sessions. Some of their options include lovers' compatibility readings, twin flames readings, the "Over the Ex" reading, and career readings, just to name a few!

Piscean Spirituality / Etsy

Price: $10β€”$174.99

Look through their extensive list of offerings at Piscean Spirtuality.

6. Heritage Apothecary has some impressively ~aesthetic~ smudge sticks and protection kits that'll bring you good energy while looking suuuuper cute on your shelf!

Heritage Apothecary / Etsy

Prices: $8β€”$58

Check out all of their goodies at Heritage Apothecary.

(Psssst! They're also currently offering free smudge kits on their website! All you have to do is pay the $5 shipping.)

7. Chakra Zulu has all the witchcraft essentials, but my personal favorite offerings are their crystal healing sets for each zodiac sign, and their intention-specific sets.

Chakra Zulu

Price: $3β€”$50

See all of their goodies at Chakra Zulu.

8. Just Kweenin has lots of crystal and herb-infused manifestation candles as well as a wide variety of stone jewelry styles!

Just Kweenin / Etsy

Price: $4.44β€”$66.66

Check out all of their products at Just Kweenin.

9. Conjuria is an oil apothecary where you can get hoodoo oils as well as zodiac signβ€”specific scents.

Conjuria / Etsy

Price: Everything is $15

See the rest of their offerings at Conjuria.

10. Scrubtious Inc. has all your witchy skincare needs β€” not to mention absolutely mystical bath bombs!!!!!!!!

Scrubtious Inc. / Etsy

Price: $7.14β€”$50

See all their stuff at Scrubtious Inc.

11. Lalu's Roots N Conjure sells plenty of different handmade spiritual tools to aid you in your manifestations β€” it also doesn't hurt that their smudge sticks are gorgeous!!!

Lalu's Roots N Conjure / Etsy

Price: $5β€”$77

Check out all of their great stuff at Lalu's Roots N Conjure.

12. Nana's Girls Squared offers a wide range of oils, from "Rich Witch" (a money summoning oil) to "B.D.E." (male sex vibes, obviously.) They also make some really cool jewelry with healing crystals!

Nana's Girls Squared / Etsy

Price: $10β€”$53.95

Explore all their products at Nana's Girls Squared.

13. Ifa Can Elements is the perfect shop for anyone looking to explore traditional African, Mesoamerican, or other non-Western spiritualities.

Ifa Can Elements / Etsy

Price: $2β€”$125

Check out their amulets, anointing oils, and more at Ifa Can Elements.

14. Hello Wildflowerrr sells adorable stickers and pins of original moon-centric art that will look perfect on any witch's journal, laptop, or Book of Shadows.

Hello Wildflowerrr / Etsy

Price: $1.46β€”$2.19

Check out their different stickers at Hello Wildflowerrr.

15. Gabnic Designs makes the cutest crystal jewelry β€” especially these Mint Howlite and Tiger's Eye dangle earrings β€” that will perfectly adorn the ears of any occultist.

Gabnic Designs / Etsy

Price: $7β€”$26

See all their jewelry at Gabnic Designs!

16. The Zen Company has these mesmerizing crystal pyramids that'll add a whole new dimension to any altar!

The Zen Company / Etsy

Price: $2.99β€”$249.99

Check out their crystal pyramids and other things at The Zen Company.

17. And lastly, Little Crystal Galaxy has everything crystal-related β€” need a crystal tower? They have those. Crystal face rollers? Yup! Crystal necklaces, bracelets...They've got 'em all!!!

Little Crystal Galaxy / Etsy

Price: $15β€”$243

See their crystal collection and MORE at Little Crystal Galaxy.

Do you have a favorite Black-owned witchy shop that we didn't mention? Link us in the comments!

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