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    14 Bathrooms That Are Living In 3021, And Another 14 That Are Living In, Like, 3021 BC

    Now ask yourself: Would I drop a doink here?

    1. This airport bathroom that shows you which stalls are occupied and which are vacant:

    2. This bathroom wall that succeeds in making everyone involved highly uncomfy:

    3. This iconic toilet-sink hybrid that LITERALLY cuts water usage IN 👏 HALF!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    4. This bathroom's "floral" toilet seat that's giving me war flashbacks to sweating and praying after eating some vaguely gray chicken nuggets back in college:

    5. This movie theater toilet that makes sure you won't miss even a SECOND of your movie, guaranteed 😌:

    6. This toilet that makes it genuinely impossible to put the lid down:

    7. This GENIUS door handle that makes sure no one leaves the bathroom without immaculately sanitized hands!!!!!!!!!!

    8. This school bathroom that wants its students to really WORK for their right to wipe:

    9. This bathroom that lets parents ✨eliminate✨ while knowing their kid is safely accounted for!!!!!!!

    10. This Airbnb "bathroom" that I will not even dignify with a caption:

    11. These bathroom stall doors that actually understood the assignment for once!!!!!!!! 😌

    12. This bathroom that sends mixed messages:

    13. This toilet that plays sounds so no one has to hear your unspeakable bodily symphonies EVER!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. The one, the only........the egregious Bathroom Mirror Ceiling™:

    15. This hotel bathroom that STUNS with its gorgeous two-way closing opportunities!!!!!!!!

    16. This bathroom that said, "_Hmm..._what if we made it ✨physically impossible✨ for toiletries to NOT fall into the toilet?"

    17. This bathroom that hygienically — and ingeniously — swapped out toilet flusher handles for toilet flusher PEDALS:

    18. This bathroom that is straight out of a fever dream......I truly don't know what other way to put it...???!?!?!

    19. This restaurant bathroom that is basically a hand soap sommelier!!!!!!!

    20. Ummmm:

    21. This mirror that makes dropping a doink feel like you're going to the trendiest speakeasy in town!!!!!!!

    22. This bathroom that comes with its own "skylight" of sorts? Maybe we can get away with calling it that?

    23. These bathrooms that are wonderfully gender neutral:

    24. This bathroom that gives a warm welcome to anyone who opens the door!!!

    25. This coffee shop bathroom that has this cute lil' "pick your poison"–type deal:

    26. This bathroom that almost guarantees a head injury upon standing up...but worry not! You can conveniently call 911 on its oddly placed telephone 😌:

    27. This restaurant bathroom that has Mother's Day cards around the holiday, just in case you forgot to send one!!!

    28. And lastly, this bathroom that is always watching!!!!!!!!!!!

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting and r/CrappyDesign