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    These Are The Guys Being Considered For Katie's Season Of "The Bachelorette" β€” Let's Discuss

    And I scoured the Facebook comments so you don't have to. 😌

    As I'm sure you're well aware, Katie Thurston and Michelle Young from Matt James' season of The Bachelor have officially been named back-to-back Bachelorettes, with Katie's season up first this summer!!!!!!!

    Michelle and Katie posing on the After the Rose reunion set
    Craig Sjodin / Getty Images

    To help pick the guys for Katie, The Bachelorette producers have once again turned to Facebook to get viewers to weigh in.

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    So without further ado, here are the 35 men the producers are currently considering. (I've also included some of the top Facebook comments that were low-key funny.) Enjoy!

    ABC /

    1. Aaron, 26, from Walnut, California

    2. Andrew M., 31, from Walnut Creek, CA

    Andrew posing for a photo on a dirt road with blue skies behind him

    3. Andrew S., 26, from Waukegan, Illinois

    Andrew smiling with a cityscape behind him

    4. Austin, 25, from Mission Viejo, California

    Austin rocking a T-shirt and a chain

    I can't.......

    Someone commented that Austin looks like a mix between Pauly D and Evan Peters

    5. Bao, 36, from Concord, New Hampshire

    Bao smiling in a short-sleeved shirt and the beach behind him

    6. Brandon, 26, from Mokena, Illinois

    Brandon smiling and leaning against a wall decorated with graffiti

    I'm sorry, but this commenter isn't wrong!!!

    The commenter says, "Cutting your own hair during the pandemic is a look"

    7. Brendon, 26, from Toronto, Canada

    Points are being deducted for his bang placement, apparently!

    The commenter says, "Cute but the perfectly upswept bang placement is a bit extra for me"

    8. Christian, 26, from Newburyport, Massachusetts

    To be fair, I think everyone went to college with this dude.

    Someone said, "He's like a mixture of Tyler C and Patrick Dempsey!" and someone responded, "I think I went to college with this dude"

    9. Cody, 27, from Montclair, New Jersey

    10. Connor B., 29, from Columbia, Illinois

    11. Conor C., 28, from Edmond, Oklahoma

    Madison β€” whoever you are β€” come collect your aunt!!!!!!

    Someone said, "I have a 27 year old niece in Edmond who's single!! Look her up - Madison!!!

    12. David, 27, from New York, NY

    13. Dennis, 26, from Chicago, Illinois

    14. Gabriel, 35, from Charlotte, North Carolina

    We all knew this was coming......

    Someone said Gabriel "looks like Kramer from Seinfeld" and someone else said "The love child of Steve Buscemi and Kramer"

    15. Garrett, 29, from Salinas, California


    One person said "Please be unproblematic Garret"

    16. Greg, 27, from Edison, New Jersey

    17. Hunter, 24, from San Angelo, California

    Bachelor Nation is HERE πŸ‘ FOR πŸ‘ THIS πŸ‘ GUY'S πŸ‘ SLEEVE!!!!!!! πŸ‘

    One person said, "Glad to see more ink getting its moment #normalizetattoos"

    18. James, 30, from New York, NY

    His brows are nice...a little TOO nice........

    One person said "I would never be able to date a man with better browns than mine [laughing crying emoji] Nice arms though!"

    19. Jeff, 31, from Cranford, New Jersey

    20. John, 27, from Santa Cruz, California

    21. Joshua, 25, from Pembroke Pines, Florida

    22. Justin, 26, from Ellicott City, Maryland

    23. Karl, 33, from Miami, Florida

    @Ivan Hall from Tayshia's season, this you???

    24. Kyle, 26, from Sarasota, Florida

    25. Landon, 25, from Bakersfield, California

    The cow tongue GIF felt necessary!

    One person said, "It looks like he licked his hand and ran it down the center of his hair!"

    26. Marcus, 30, from Vancouver, Washington

    27. Marty, 25, from Reno, Nevada

    ??? Explain......???????

    "He looks high maintenance

    28. Michael A., 36, from Akron, Ohio

    29. Mike P., 31, from Surprise, Arizona

    30. Quartney, 26, from Arlington, Texas

    31. Tanner, 28, from Del Mar, California

    What do we think luvs, Chandler or Charlie?! xx

    32. Thomas, 28, from San Diego, California

    33. TrΓ©, 26, from Covington, Georgia

    34. Viktor, 32, from Galveston, Texas

    And finally, I leave you with this 😌:

    One person said "Looks like President Lincoln...[american flag emoji]

    So, who would YOU give your first impression rose to, and who do you think would look cutest with Katie?! Sound off in the comments.......

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