8 Reality Couples Who Broke Up This Year (So Far), And 6 Who Have Withstood The Test Of Time

    All the couples I thought would break up got married, and all the ones I thought were forever called it quits. :(

    1. Danielle Ruhl & Nick Thompson from Love Is Blind

    2. Madlyn Ballatori & Colby Kissinger from The Ultimatum

    3. Michelle Young & Nayte Olukoya from The Bachelorette

    Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young

    4. Lauren Pounds & Nate Ruggles from The Ultimatum

    5. Iyanna McNeely & Jarrette Jones from Love Is Blind

    6. Maurissa Gunn & Riley Christian from Bachelor in Paradise

    Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian

    7. Clayton Echard & Susie Evans from The Bachelor

    8. Holly Scarfone & Nathan Soan Mngomezulu from Too Hot to Handle

    9. Shanique Imari & Randall Griffin from The Ultimatum

    10. Brooke Blurton & Darvid Garayeli from The Bachelorette Australia

    11. Alexis Maloney & Hunter Parr from The Ultimatum

    12. Katie Thurston & John Hersey from The Bachelorette

    13. Josh Moss & Amelia Plummer from Love Island Australia

    14. Giannina Gibelli from Love Is Blind & Blake Horstmann from The Bachelorette

    Are there any reality couples that you can't believe split up? Or that you can't believe are still together? Let us know in the comments!