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    Here Is The Official "Bachelor" Cast And Their Iconic Bios

    So. Many. Flight. Attendants.

    HUZZAH! Just in time for the holidays, Chris Harrison and the rest of the good people over at The Bachelor have just announced the OFFICIAL™ Season 24 cast and their bios!!!!!!!!


    So without further ado, here are the 30 women who will be competing for bachelor Peter Weber's heart:

    1. Alayah, 24


    Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

    Occupation: Miss Texas 2019

    Fast facts:

    - Alayah studied English in college and in her spare time, she loves to write poetry.

    - Alayah's favorite social media platform is Reddit.

    - Alayah's spirit animal is the Texas Longhorn.

    2. Alexis, 27


    Hometown: Chicago

    Occupation: Esthetician

    Fast facts:

    - Alexa loves amusement parks but hates roller coasters.

    - Alexa decided to move to Chicago during a game of heads or tails.

    - When Alexa isn't hitting the dance floors at local clubs, she's at home prepping for her next book club meeting.

    3. Avonlea, 27


    Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

    Occupation: Cattle rancher

    Fast facts:

    - Avonlea is a certified scuba diver and has traveled to almost all 50 states in an RV.

    - Every time Avonlea milks one of her cows, she thanks it for its hard work.

    - Avonlea enjoys playing the guitar and snuggling up by the fire to listen to a good audiobook.

    4. Courtney, 26


    Hometown: Venice, Florida

    Occupation: Cosmetologist

    Fast facts:

    - Courtney is extremely claustrophobic.

    - Nothing makes Courtney happier than drinking a nice glass of wine while taking in a gorgeous view.

    - Courtney's biggest turn-on is a man in cowboy boots.

    5. Deandra, 23


    Hometown: Plano, Texas

    Occupation: Home care coordinator

    Fast facts:

    - Deandra considers herself to be a farmers market aficionado.

    - Deandra hates EDM.

    - Deandra still cries when she gets her blood drawn.

    6. Eunice, 23


    Hometown: Chicago

    Occupation: Flight attendant

    Fast facts:

    - Eunice's favorite holiday is Christmas because she loves Christmas music.

    - Eunice's favorite country to visit is Greece, and she can knock back ouzo like it's water.

    - Eunice's signature dance move is the "ponytail helicopter."

    7. Hannah Ann, 23


    Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee

    Occupation: Model

    Fast facts:

    - Hannah Ann could watch home improvement shows all day and never get bored.

    - When Hannah Ann is nervous, she becomes very talkative.

    - Hannah Ann's home is decorated with artwork that she painted.

    8. Jade, 26


    Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

    Occupation: Flight attendant

    Fast facts:

    - Jade claims that she hosts the best game night in town.

    - Even though she is a flight attendant, Jade is VERY afraid of heights.

    - If Jade had to assign an aesthetic to her life, it would be "organized chaos."

    9. Jasmine, 25


    Hometown: Client relations manager

    Occupation: Houston

    Fast facts:

    - Jasmine's biggest turn-off is a guy who sits on the couch all day and plays video games.

    - Jasmine will know that she's met the man of her dreams when he can help her build a table.

    - Jasmine's best friend is her golden retriever, Gnarles Barkley.

    10. Jenna, 22


    Hometown: New Lenox, Illinois

    Occupation: Nursing student

    Fast facts:

    - Jenna is a passionate foodie who would do anything to eat pasta with Chrissy Teigen one day.

    - Jenna has a pet goldfish named George, and she says that George gives great advice.

    - When Jenna is not bowling strikes at the local alley, she's at home knitting.

    11. Katrina, 28


    Hometown: Chicago

    Occupation: Pro sports dancer

    Fast facts:

    - Last Halloween, Katrina dressed up as her hairless cat, Jasmine, and Jasmine dressed up as her.

    - On the weekends, Katrina loves to stay up late and eat junk food.

    - Katrina's biggest pet peeve is not being in control.

    12. Kelley, 27


    Hometown: Chicago

    Occupation: Attorney

    Fast facts:

    - Kelley is allergic to gluten, dairy, and black tea.

    - Nothing makes Kelley angrier than when people don't listen to her.

    - Kelley loves to travel and has been to 26 countries.

    13. Kelsey, 28


    Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

    Occupation: Professional clothier

    Fast facts:

    - Kelsey says she is like an onion; she has many layers.

    - If you want to give Kelsey a gift, don't get her flowers. Get her chocolate!

    - Kelsey described her personality as feisty and stubborn.

    14. Kiarra, 23


    Hometown: Kennesaw, Georgia

    Occupation: Nanny

    Fast facts:

    - Kiarra's biggest fear is being trapped on the top of a roller coaster.

    - Kiarra is extremely turned off by men who grind their teeth.

    - Kiarra says she will pick napping over almost any other activity.

    15. Kylie, 26


    Hometown: Santa Monica, California

    Occupation: Entertainment sales associate

    Fast facts:

    - Flaky and pessimistic people make Kylie mad.

    - Kylie's dream vacation would be to go on safari in Africa.

    - Kylie grew up playing softball and is a batting cage queen.

    16. Lauren, 26


    Hometown: Glendale, California

    Occupation: Marketing executive

    Fast facts:

    - Lauren says she has exit interviews with all of her exes to figure out what went wrong.

    - Lauren has traveled all over the world, but has yet to go the one place on her bucket list: Texas.

    - During Lauren's one season as a Laker Girl, she was so inspired by Kobe Bryant's passion for things outside of basketball that she left the team to pursue her other dreams.

    17. Lexi, 26


    Hometown: New York

    Occupation: Marketing coordinator

    Fast facts:

    - Lexi would rather be buried alive than be trapped in a room filled with frogs.

    - Lexi loves her home in Florida, but has too much sass for the suburb life.

    - Nothing turns Lexi off more than people who are desperate.

    18. Madison, 23


    Hometown: Auburn, Alabama

    Occupation: Foster parent recruiter

    Fast facts:

    - If Madison was stranded on an island and could only bring one book, it would be the Bible.

    - Madison loves working with foster kids and wants to open an orphanage one day.

    - Madison would rather rock a cool pair of Jordans than heels.

    19. Maurissa, 23


    Hometown: Atlanta

    Occupation: Patient care coordinator

    Fast facts:

    - Maurissa recently left the US for the first time and went on a girls' trip to the Caribbean.

    - When Maurissa is feeling confident, she breaks into song.

    - Maurissa prefers to surround herself with people who have a more mature outlook on life. All of her best friends are at least 10 years older than her.

    20. Megan, 26


    Hometown: San Francisco

    Occupation: Flight attendant

    Fast facts:

    - Megan's mother is her best friend. They talk every day.

    - Megan is a face mask enthusiast.

    - One day, Megan hopes to travel to Zion National Park.

    21. Mykenna, 22


    Hometown: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

    Occupation: Fashion blogger

    Fast facts:

    - Mykenna is obsessed with ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

    - Mykenna's dream job is to start her own charity.

    - Mykenna loves to go to car shows with her dad.

    22. Natasha, 31


    Hometown: New York

    Occupation: Event planner

    Fast facts:

    - If Natasha could pioneer her own fitness movement, it would be disco yoga.

    - Natasha loves her legs and her back, where she has a cross and dagger tattoo.

    - Natasha is afraid of rats, mice, spiders, and anything that crawls.

    23. Payton, 23


    Hometown: Wellesley, Massachusetts

    Occupation: Business development representative

    Fast facts:

    - Payton loves to be the life of the party and her biggest fear is missing out.

    - Despite her mother's warnings, Payton is not afraid of talking to strangers. In fact, she enjoys it.

    - Payton currently lives in her parents' basement.

    24. Sarah, 24


    Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee

    Occupation: Medical radiographer

    Fast facts:

    - Sarah's favorite vacation spot is Key West, Florida.

    - Sarah loathes slugs.

    - Sarah loves listening to electronic music.

    25. Savannah, 27


    Hometown: Houston

    Occupation: Realtor

    Fast facts:

    - When Savannah wants to treat herself, she indulges in a vampire facial.

    - Savannah's favorite thing to do to pass time is sit on her back porch and feed the local turtles, which is why she often refers to herself as "The Turtle Princess."

    - Savannah used to have a cancer ribbon tattoo on her ribs, but removed it for the Houston Texans cheer tryouts.

    26. Shiann, 27


    Hometown: Las Vegas

    Occupation: Administrative assistant

    Fast facts:

    - According to Shiann, the best part of her body is her lower back.

    - Skydiving is at the top of Shiann's bucket list.

    - Shiann was a competitive horseback rider growing up.

    27. Sydney, 24


    Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

    Occupation: Retail marketing manager

    Fast facts:

    - Sydney's favorite holiday is Valentine's Day.

    - Sydney's ability to speak Spanish is so-so, but on salsa night, she rules the dance floor.

    - Sydney tries to jog at least once a day...and then likes to reward herself with a cupcake she bakes herself. Sweet!

    28. Tammy, 24


    Hometown: Syracuse, New York

    Occupation: House flipper

    Fast facts:

    - Tammy loves to travel so much that she has the vanity license plate "JETSETTR."

    - Tammy ended her last relationship by ghosting him.

    - Tammy considers herself a tomboy and doesn't relate well to the "blonde Barbie" types.

    29. Victoria F., 25


    Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia

    Occupation: Medical sales representative

    Fast facts:

    - Victoria loves a man who is in touch with his feelings and isn't afraid to cry in public.

    - Victoria is a big fan of country music and will travel to see her favorite artists play a show.

    - The most important woman in Victoria's life is her dear grandmother.

    30. Victoria P., 27


    Hometown: Alexandria, Louisiana

    Occupation: Nurse

    Fast facts:

    - If Victoria could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to Italy.

    - Victoria's biggest fears are murky waters she can't see her feet in, and chicken served on the bone.

    - Nothing upsets Victoria more than finding raisins in her cookies.

    Read the cast's entire bios here!!!


    And for even MORE insight on the ladies — and to hear Chris Harrison's hot takes on them — check out this Twitter video (WARNING: Some *light* spoilers ahead):

    Meet the women of Peter's season NOW with Chris Harrison before #TheBachelor premieres January 6 on ABC! Who's got your rose?



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