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    16 Cringeworthy Dating App Conversations To Make You Feel Better About Your Own Embarrassment Of A Dating Life

    Full body cringe incoming...

    1. This life lesson in copy and pasting openers:

    2. This emoji exchange that is both effective and to the point!

    3. This unsolicited deck pic:

    4. This guy who truly fumbled the opener, but A for effort!!!!!!!!

    my tinder bio is "suck my guts and lick my heart" and this guy REALLY fumbled it so fucking bad

    Twitter: @_vagyna_

    5. This girl's spiritual advisor who put a bit of a damper on this match:

    6. This person who did their due* diligence:

    7. This brilliant use of a dead-end conversation:

    8. This convo that absolutely reeked of ✨school spirit✨:

    9. These two who had some slight confusion around the term "D&D":

    D&D from Tinder

    10. This conversationalist who came with ALL the tactics!!!!!!!

    11. This joke that missed the mark by about a mile and a half:

    12. This nice lil' back and forth:

    13. This guy who just wanted to see some Nepals:

    14. This innocent use of the squirrel emoji:

    Twitter: @ho3eok

    15. This brutal takedown from a former Spanish tutor:

    I just matched with my old Spanish tutor on hinge and messaged him “hola” and he responded “u were always terrible at Spanish” 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @ballerguy

    16. And lastly, this message from Katie, who was honest at least!

    H/T r/Tinder