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Ariana Grande Released A Music Video For "Breathin" And It's Literally Just 3 Minutes And 18 Seconds Of Her Pig

Ariana Grande: Queen of Content Creation.

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So by now, we're all well aware of Pete and Ariana — "Petiana," if you will.

And if you're cultured, you're also aware that they share a pet pig, Piggy Smallz.

(In this house, we stan Piggy Smallz.)

ANYWAY, lately, Arianators everywhere have been like, "Ari, where the H*CK is our music video for 'breathin'?!"

Anyways where is the breathin music video? @ArianaGrande

Well Ariana FINALLY gave her fans what they want and released a music video for "breathin." And guess what — it’s literally just THREE MINUTES AND 18 SECONDS OF PIGGY SMALLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the people WENT 👏 WILD. 👏

ariana really just made the entire breathin’ music video of her pig. i love her so much

Ariana recording piggy smallz for breathin music video

'breathin' Ariana Grande (2018), dir. Ariana Grande

Ariana right after she filmed a video of her pig for 3 minutes, added Breathin as the audio, and then uploaded it to youtube

While some questioned if it was the *real* music video, Ariana originally confirmed it was:

But THEN she replied to a commenter revealing that the video of Piggy Smallz was just to make fans laugh, and a “real one” is coming eventually:

So there you have it: Ari's just taking some much-needed R&R with her pig. Just be grateful that she's willing to share some of the ~rare footage~ with us!!!!!!!!!! 🙏🐷🙏

Now for your viewing pleasure, here's the official-unofficial "breathin" full music video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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