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    Pete Davidson And Ariana Grande Have A Pet Pig Now, And This Is Why They Got It

    I guess when you're a pop superstar, summoning pigs comes with the territory.

    Welcome! It's Friday 28 September 2018 and updates on the relationship between Ariana Grande and her fiancé Pete Davidson are now a regular part of our daily lives. Don't blame me! This is just the way it is!

    In case you missed the last update, Pete did an interview with Howard Stern in which he said he was "jerking off to [Ariana] before he met her".

    All caught up now? Great! It's time for today's Peteiana Grandavidson update courtesy of his recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

    Firstly, Pete said that since he got engaged to Ariana, he no longer hangs out with his old friends.

    Then he went on to talk about the pet pig he and Ariana acquired a couple of weekends ago. Its name is Piggy Smallz and Pete already has a tattoo of it, of course.

    Pete revealed the pig came into their lives because Ariana declared that she wanted one, and then it just appeared an hour later.

    Apparently when you're a pop superstar like Ariana Grande, you can just say you want things and then you get them. How the other half live!

    But it turns out things aren't all sunshine and pig apparitions in the Grandavidson household, because the pig has grown significantly and is starting to bite.

    But don't worry about Piggy Smallz — Pete still loves him.

    And it's pretty clear Ariana is loving him too.

    That's all, folks! Make sure to stay tuned for tomorrow's daily Grandavidson update!