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    Updated on Feb 19, 2019. Posted on Feb 19, 2019

    Ariana Grande Reunited With Her Costars From "13 The Musical" And Tween Me Is Shaking

    "eleven years later or whatever"

    Last weekend, Ariana Grande had a Broadway sing-along party with some friends — and not just ANY friends, but her costars from 13 The Musical!!!

    Ariana gave Tween Me exactly what I needed when she sang "If That's What It Is" with Graham Phillips — the *original* Evan Goldman and her Broadway boyfriend of yesteryear!!!!!

    Some Wicked? Yes pls.

    Elizabeth Gillies, who played Lucy, and Ariana even belted "Take Me Or Leave Me" into oblivion together.

    So basically, my Broadway-obsessed middle school self is FREAKING 👏 OUT 👏 because I love that Ari, Graham, and Liz have remained close throughout the years despite their various pubescent hookups.

    Syd Robinson / Joe Corrigan / Getty Images

    What's MORE, Ariana later tweeted this and it just makes my heart so happy:

    man, i’m so lucky and grateful to be able to sing pop music and do all of this for a living but last night made me so, unimaginably happy. i really..... am musical theater thru and thru. it’s just home n always will be. u feel me.

    We stan a Broadway-turned-Nickelodeon-turned-pop legend who remembers her roots!!!!!!

    But mostly, we stan Forever Friends™. 💖

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