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27 Trends From 2019 We'll Probably Regret In A Few Years

Get ready from some vicious 2019 slander.

Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community what 2019 trends they think we'll all look back on and cringe. And YUP, they had LOTS of thoughts. Here's what they said:

1. Hydro Flasks


"We'll eventually regret the extra strain we put on our muscles for choosing them over reusable bottles that are WAAAY lighter."


2. Crocs with socks

3. Extreme FaceTuning

4. Checkered pants

Urban Outfitters

"And just dressing like a NASCAR driver in general."


5. Oversized T-shirts as dresses

Urban Outfitters

6. Thick eyebrows

7. Gloomy-sounding pop music

8. Chunky sneakers

Urban Outfitters

"Those hideously weird chunky sneakers that would make any dad in the world cringe!"


9. Succulents as decor

Followtheflow / Getty Images

"We're gonna look back at pics and think, Why are there so many damn cacti in the background?!"


10. TikTok

"I think TikTok might just come back to haunt us, especially when applying for jobs in the future."


11. Extreme makeup

12. Multilevel marketing, aka "MLMs"

13. Jean skirts

Urban Outfitters

"They've never looked good!"


14. Birkenstocks

15. VSCO Girls

16. Long, thick fake eyelashes

17. "Unique" baby names

"I’m sure some parents forget their children will be adults and have to apply for jobs and do other serious things one day..."


18. Lip fillers

19. Ripped jeans

Urban Outfitters

"I am SO SICK of ripped jeans that are more rip than jean. What is the effing point of wearing pants when your legs are almost completely exposed?!"


20. Recording videos of yourself crying and posting them

21. Cancel culture


"I'm pretty sure in the future, we will look back at 2019 and wonder why we were all so involved in ruining influencers' careers and reputations just because of things that had happened that we had no involvement in whatsoever. Hopefully we will learn how to forgive and forget!"


22. Space buns

23. Fanny packs

Urban Outfitters

24. Mom jeans

25. Dieting fads (i.e. keto)

Thitareesarmkasat / Getty Images

"Seems like there's a big new fad every couple of years. People get really evangelical about it, then it just quietly goes away."


26. Bike shorts as bottoms

27. And lastly, tracksuits

What 2019 trends do YOU think we'll regret in a few years? Let us know in the comments!!!

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Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.