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22 Life Hacks And Tips That Might Make Life Easier In 2016

JK, they won't.

1. Laundry day can be incredibly annoying if you have to haul your clothes to the laundromat, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

2. Facebook stalking someone in the middle of the night? Don't hurt yourself!

LIFE HACK: Wear one of these to protect from dropping your phone on your face in bed.

3. No significant other and tired of masturbating? Here's another way to use your boner.

4. On the verge of texting your ex?

5. Worried about your dick size? Well, if it's really bothering you here's a quick fix.

6. Make batteries last longer with this centuries old trick.

7. It's hard to earn a cats love. If you're really having a hard time, then try this. You'll have that little ball of fur eating out of the palm of your hand.

8. Student loans got you down?

9. Here's an easy way to cover up a bald spot.

10. Not allowed to have snacks in class? That's ok.

11. Taking care of your drunk friend can be a struggle, but it doesn't have to be!

12. Not sure your emergency contact is someone you can count on? Change it to someone you know will be there when you need them.

13. About to give a presentation? This should help.

14. Turtles runaway sometimes, it happens! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Here's an easy way to make sure you don't lose the little guy.

15. Can't get a good grasp?

16. Don't spend tons of money on makeup remover when there's a simpler way to wipe off that smokey eye.

17. Finals coming up? Here's a helpful tip.

18. Or try this.

19. Having trouble ignoring haters and trolls?

20. Stop roommates/relatives/strangers from barging into your room.

21. Here's an easy way to avoid getting caught up in your feelings.

22. And make sure you have a plan for the Rapture because you're going to need an exit when shit goes down.

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