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Everything You Need To Know About Empress Of

Meet your new fave.

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2. Some of her songs are posted on YouTube as Colorminutes.

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Perfect song + perfect color = color-coded soundbites that will give you life.

She has been an inspiration to me as a woman in the music industry, being a boss of the whole operation but I would say....the beats, the songs, the production? I think it's quite different. The way she works with musical textures is so her own thing!

5. She translated her debut song, "Water, Water", into Spanish so her mother could listen to it.

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6. Currently, "Need Myself" is the song from her upcoming album that perfectly describes her.

7. And when her album drops "To Get By" and "Standard" are the first songs you should listen to.

8. But before then you should check out "Don't Tell Me".
The first card my friend pulled out was the Empress. I loved it! But I couldn't limit myself to just being empress of one thing so that's why I'm Empress Of.