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Amandla Stenberg Is The Coolest Teen On Instagram

I'm a grown-ass woman and I can't even keep up.

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This is Amandla Stenberg.

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You may remember her as Rue from The Hunger Games.

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She also played Macey Irving in Sleepy Hollow and will play Halle Foster in Mr. Robinson.

She's also the intelligent young woman who gave mainstream media a lesson about black hair & culture.

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And she just might be the coolest teen on Instagram.

1. Honestly, she's chill as fuck.

3. And her selfies are basically works of art.

5. I mean, I can't even lie in the grass without getting incredibly itchy.

6. And her squad is next level.

Willow Smith?!

7. Kiernan Shipka?!

Aka bad ass teen Sally Draper.

9. Her talented friend Georgia.

12. And plays the violin.

I'm a middle school band dropout who can only play the recorder.

13. And look at her rockin' this business casual look.

14. She has a cool grey streak that was given to her by the grace of gawd.

15. And even as a kid she was stuntin'.

Look at that Jeep.

16. Where did Amandla get all this perfection?

Let us live, Amandla! Let us live!

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