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35 Times Charlie Hunnam Stole Your Heart

Happy birthday, Charles Matthew Hunnam!

Charlie Hunnam has been stealing our hearts since 1998 when he first appeared in Byker Grove. So, in honor of his birthday, here are 35 times he took a little piece of our hearts.

1. As Jax Teller.

2. That time he ran after Tara, aka Maggie Siff, and you just wanted her to turn around and look at his beautiful face.

3. That time he got caught adjusting himself.

4. When he wore this but you decided to overlook it. Hey, it was 2002.

5. And when you also decided to overlook this beanie because his beauty eclipsed it.

6. When he posed with Anne Hathaway.

7. When he posed with Anne again, but ditched the beanie.

8. When he posed with Jamie Bell.

9. When he had this haircut and Elijah Wood was mesmerized by it and all of Charlie's perfection.

10. When 2004 Charlie was too damn cute.

11. When you couldn't tell if he was quoting Shakespeare or asking for money.

12. When he posed for Men's Fitness and your whole life changed.

13. When he tried to whisper sweet nothings to his girlfriend, but she wasn't interested.

14. When he gave everyone this fake ass smile.

15. But then he felt bad so he gave us this sexy look.

16. When he dabbled in photography.

17. When he hung out with Elijah Wood again years later and Elijah was still mesmerized by his beauty.

18. When you really wanted him to give your commencement speech.

19. When he seemed really happy at the Calvin Klein menswear show.

20. When he didn't know what to do with his hands.

21. When he was excited to see his fans at Comic-Con.

22. Like, really excited.

23. When he posed with Idris Elba and the world imploded from so much sexy in one picture.

24. When he was just trying to work on his fitness.

25. When his outfit clashed with the background at this event.

26. When he was just being chill as fuck.

27. When Kurt Sutter planted a brotherly kiss on his cheek.

28. When he was really shocked by whatever this guy said.

29. When he had short hair and a beard.

30. When he shouted stuff.

31. When he kicked this thing.

32. When he looked pensive during a panel.

33. When he was overcome with joy.

34. When he thanked everyone for loving him.

35. And when he wrapped himself in this blanket and you wished you were that blanket.