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27 Heartthrobs From The Early 2000s

Too many hotties to list. Who would you include?

1. Sean Faris

Summit Entertainment / Lionsgate /
Getty Images David Buchan

Sean Faris was basically the young Tom Cruise (lookswise) of the early 2000s.

2. Tom Welling

Warner Bros. /

If you were a teen in the '00s, who knew nothing about Superman, and watched The WB (which later became The CW), then you will probably forever and always recognize Tom Welling as the one true Clark Kent.

3. Tyrese Gibson

Universal /

Still fast, still furious, still hot.

4. Chris Klein

Fox / / BuzzFeed

Still a little salty that Leelee Sobieski chose him in Here On Earth, but Chris Klein actually seems like a solid guy in real life. And, part of us really wants him to get back together with Katie Holmes.

5. Jesse Metcalfe

Twentieth Century Fox /

His brow game is still strong! We understood why everyone wanted him to suffer in John Tucker Must Die, but we still couldn't help pining for him.

6. Shane West

Warner Bros. /
Getty Images for Timberland Imeh Akpanudosen

Do you think he uses lines from A Walk To Remember to pick up girls?

7. Chad Michael Murray

Warner Bros. /
Getty Images for Sony Pictures T Bryan Bedder

Chad Michael Murrary was One Tree Hill's moody and complex heartthrob who made two ladies fall in love with him (Brooke & Lucas forever! Brucas 4eva!). Today, CMM is married to his Chosen co-star Sarah Roemer with a baby on the way.

8. Ryan Cabrera

Mandatory Credit: JPVegas/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES Mandatory Credit: JPVegas/FAMEFL

Have you listened to "On The Way Down" recently? Heard it in a McDonald's the other day, still holds up.

9. Jesse Bradford

Beacon Communications / Universal /
Getty Images Imeh Akpanudosen

He may be known for Bring It On and Swimfan, but never forget the cinematic gem that is Clockstoppers.

10. Jared Padalecki

Warner Bros. /
Getty Images Alberto E. Rodriguez

Go back and watch Mary-Kate and Ashley's New York Minute to see Jared Padalecki as a bad boy senator's son and savor it.

11. Cam Gigandet

Summit Entertainment /

12. Logan Marshall Green

Warner Bros. / Fox / / BuzzFeed
Getty Images Stuart Wilson

Logan Marshall Green is another alum from The O.C. He played Trey Atwood, Ryan's older brother who was absolutely insane. He was a key member in the infamous shooting scene that was parodied by SNL.

13. Seann William Scott

Twentieth Century Fox /
Getty Images for Bombay Sapphire Dave Kotinsky

We love just about everything we've seen Seann William Scott in, but we're still not buying him as Billy Hitchcock in Final Destination.

14. Jesse McCartney

Spelling Television / Warner Bros. /
Mandatory Byline: Juan Rico/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES Mandatory Byline: Juan Rico/FAME

The only thing more distracting than the kind of low budget set of Summerland was Jesse McCartney and his beautiful soul.

15. Orlando Bloom

New Line Cinema /

Legolas made a name for himself as a pirate, married and had a child with a Victoria's Secret model, and almost got into a fight with Justin Bieber. This is what life is like outside of Middle Earth.

16. Nick Cannon

Warner Bros. /
Getty Images Jesse Grant

Love him or hate him, Nick Cannon has accomplished a lot. He's an actor, director, rapper, comedian, and producer. But arguably his biggest accomplishment? Marrying Mariah Carey.

17. A.J. Trauth

Disney / / BuzzFeed

18. Josh Hartnett

Paramount /

He reached heartthrob status at the end of the '90s, which carried him into the '00s. The Virgin Suicides may be one of his most memorable roles, but does anyone remember the movie O or Here On Earth? Two very underrated films. And was anyone else upset when he died in Pearl Harbor?!

19. Milo Ventimiglia

Warner Bros. /

What would Jess Mariano's relationship with Rory Gilmore be like today? There needs to be a Gilmore Girls reunion stat!

20. Chingy

Capitol /

21. Drake Bell

Nickelodeon /

Must be referred to as Drake Bell or Drake from Drake & Josh because your friends will automatically think of Drake, as in Drake the rapper, who is the only guy allowed to go by Drake.

22. Lil' Romeo

Getty Images Jamie McCarthy

Every girl in sixth grade was all about Lil' Romeo, who now goes by Romeo Miller because he's an adult. The former child rapper and USC basketball player is now working on a myriad of things that we hope to see soon.

23. Tyson Ritter

Interscope /

The lead singer of the All-American Rejects had model good looks and a voice made for pop-punk. He's still pretty good looking and the All-American Rejects are still performing, but it looks like he spends the majority of his time making Vines.

24. Teddy Geiger

25. Lil' Bow Wow

So So Def / Columbia /
Getty Images for BET Brad Barket

If your sixth grade nemesis was into Lil' Romeo, then you were into Lil' Bow Wow. Like Romeo, he's dropped the Lil. He went by Bow Wow for a while but dropped that too and began using his real name, Shad Moss. He's the host of 106 & Park and will star in a CSI spin-off CSI: Cyber.

26. Ashton Kutcher

Twentieth Century Fox /
Getty Images Frazer Harrison

If you've been living under a rock since That '70s Show and have always 'shipped Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis in real life, well welcome back to the world, your prayers have been answered.

27. Adam Brody

Warner Bros. / Fox /
Mandatory Byline: Juan Rico/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES Mandatory Byline: Juan Rico/FAME

Seth Cohen aka Adam Brody made dreams come true when he married Summer on The O.C. But then he blew our minds in real life when he married Leighton Meester aka BLAIR WALDORF!

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