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My Dad Is My Hero

Harrison Fisher. The man. The legend. My daddy.


Sydney Fisher / Via

From day one, you loved me unconditionally.

I love you unconditionally, too.

Thank you for showing me what love and family are.


Sydney Fisher / Via

You showed me what passion was.

My love for music comes from you; even though some of your taste in music is questionable.

Thank you for teaching me passion.


Sydney Fisher / Via

You showed me how to care for others.

Because of you, I am compassionate.

Thank you for advocating for all the things I advocate for.


Sydney Fisher / Via

You made me always feel beautiful.

You helped me find the beauty in everything.

Thank you for shining your light.


Sydney Fisher / Via

You taught me to persevere.

Without you, I wouldn't be where, or who, I am today.

Thank you for pushing me to be the best I can be.


You're pretty hip.

Thank you for teaching me the balance between serious and fun.


Sydney Fisher / Via

You've helped me through tough times.

You gave me the Fisher feet.

Thank you for being my rock, or anchor.


Sydney Fisher / Via

You showed me how a man should love a woman and his family.

You taught me what it means to have a daddy, not just a father.

Thank you for being my daddy.


Sydney Fisher / Via

You helped me get to where I am.

You sat with me through all the tears of sadness and happiness.

Thank you for being there, always.


You taught me that it's better to be who I am.

I like who you are, dad.

Thank you for being who you are.


You work hard for the ones you love.

You've helped me work through a lot in life.

Thank you for working hard for us. We truly appreciate it.


Sydney Fisher / Via

You make me smile.

Your humor has been passed down to me, just like a lot of your traits.

Thanks for passing down the good traits.


Sydney Fisher / Via

You are always there for me.

I couldn't ask for a better father, because a better father does not exist.

I love you, dad.

Happy Father's Day.

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