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    • Swishcraft

      I’m sorry, but this article is a tad off base. They seem to forget that for a few years now, The Bears are the “It Gays.” It’s no longer the Circuit guys with the perfect bodies. In fact, it’s funny how many of the perfect body Circuit guys I spent 20+ years DJing to, as soon it was in to be a bear, stopped waxing their bodies and started calling themselves “Bears.”  Now, while I’m a part of the bear community and pretty much exclusively play Bear only events (by choice), I have my own body issues. I’ve always had body issues. I’ve always fought my weight and always will. I’ll never be at peace with my body. I’ve come to accept that. But plenty of guys are. I watch young 20 somethings pack on the weight in less than a year to become cubs and be accepted in the bear community. That’s not to say Bears only like other bears. There are plenty of bears that like skinny guys, twins, muscle mary’s etc. But there are also tons of guys who I know who had what many would call “perfect bodies” pack on the weight to become more accepted in the bear comity. Add to that that the term “bear” is the most used term in mainstream TV right now. From Alex Baldwin coming out on 30 Rock as a Straight Bear that all the gay bears want to “eat up” to mentions or jokes on every prime time tv shows from Glee to Elementary, being a bear or being heavy in the gay community is not the unaccepted thing it once was. It goes down to taste. Personally, I’m only turned off by two things. Cigars/smoking and 6 pack abs. I’d never date someone who smokes or has 6 pack abs. i like a little furry tummy and something to nibble on. But that’s just me.  And while I agree, being obese is bad for you health, there is a difference between being obese and being heavy set like a lot of bears. I know plenty of 250+ lb bears who run the Boston and Chicago marathons and run bay to Breakers ever year. Being heavy doesn’t always equate to being unhealthy . The #1 Gay Social Ap according to Apple Ap sales, is Scruff (A bear ap). Then there is ’ Where The Bears Are, a very successful internet Bear TV show, and countless Bear movies (not porn). And speaking of porn, Bear Porn is the largest growing demo for Raging Stallion and Falcon. So maybe he just needs to move to a place that’s more accepting. Come to SF or Portland, Austin, Denver, Atlanta, Vancouver, just to name 5 of the 38 cities I DJ the Bearracuda parties at. These are just a few cities that LOVE their bears. There is a reason we pull in 1,000 - 2,000 bears and their admirers a night at parties like Bearracuda (sponsored by Scruff and Growlr), because there are plenty of places, like these that love their bears. And that’s just our parties. There are hundreds of Bear groups and parties all over the world. like XXL in London. And I almost forgot to mention the more than 30 Bear Runs (week long events) that happen every year in the US. And on Nov 8th - 11th you have San Francisco Bear Pride. So I’m sorry, this guy needs to move somewhere where he’s more accepted.

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