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The 35 Gayest Moments From "Duck Dynasty"

To quote RuPaul: "You betta work, hunty!"

1. When all Si wanted was a little extra something to complete his fairy-tale look.

I want those earrings.

2. When Jase talked about how he judges another man's prowess.

3. When Phil admitted that women are icky.

4. Whenever the boys show off their bling in the show's opening credits.

5. When Jep wore these tasteful booty shorts to go on a stroll with his BFFs.

6. When Godwin got a little too excited by Jep's touch and blew his golden load.

7. When Si worked the runway with this exotic fan dance.

8. Haaaiiiii! Look how wide he can open his mouth! Damn, Si.

9. When Phil put a big duck call in his mouth and all of the other boys took notice.

10. Enjoy these five pictures of Si quoting divas:





15. When Godwin almost fainted from the fierceness of Martin's coat toss.

16. Si playing dress-up.

17. You know, just Si playing more dress-up, but this time with a mannequin.

18. Really going for it with their dance moves.

19. Willie wanting to take a selfie break mid-hunt.

20. Willie's amazing camo yoga pants, and this fierce-as-fuck pose.

21. When Phil schooled Miss Kay on her beauty regime.

22. Phil's dainty teacup.

23. Giddy excitement for meat.

24. Si uses women's restrooms for the "toilet paper."

25. Jep's important use of a doll hand.

26. No comment.

27. Just a bunch of dudes, sitting around, watching each other eat popsicles.

28. When Si was the redneck RuPaul.

29. Loving Si's pink flair on an otherwise dull cap.

30. Super-fun feather boa.

31. Just a dude talking about the fire in his panties.

32. When the boys dressed in adorable matching camo and crossed their legs for a group shot.

33. And that other time when they got all matchy-matchy. Super cute, though.

34. When Willie danced for the cameras.

35. Everything. About. This.