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The Official Ranking Of Donuts

Donuts may be the greatest breakfast food ever invented, but that doesn't mean some aren't better than others.

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18. Sugar Donut / Via

Are donuts not sugary enough? Because I'm pretty sure they are just as healthy as eating a brownie for breakfast, except they are celebrated instead of looked-down upon. You do not need EXTRA sugar on your "dessert for breakfast".

Grade: D


8. Boston Creme Donut / Via

A Boston Creme Donut is just like a Bavarian Creme Donut with a creamy vanilla custard and usually a chocolate glaze, except that Boston creme one will punch you in the face if you insult Matt Damon or Mark Wahlburg.

Grade: B


1. Chocolate Glazed Donut / Via

Chocolate Glazed Donuts are the greatest gift to human kind that the donut gods have given us. They are the perfect mix of classic glazed donut and chocolate icing that has ever been seen. Ever.

Grade: A++

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