The Official Ranking Of Donuts

Donuts may be the greatest breakfast food ever invented, but that doesn’t mean some aren’t better than others.

20. Cronut

Cronuts may be really good, but no donut should force you to stand in line for hours. Just stop it Cronuts.

Grade: N/A (Who has time to wait in that line? SERIOUSLY.)

19. Mini Donuts

Donuts are already small, and donut holes exist for people who cannot commit to a full-sized donut. Why would you just take a great food and make it smaller? WHY?

Grade: F

18. Sugar Donut

Are donuts not sugary enough? Because I’m pretty sure they are just as healthy as eating a brownie for breakfast, except they are celebrated instead of looked-down upon. You do not need EXTRA sugar on your “dessert for breakfast”.

Grade: D

17. Plain Cake Donut

Has anyone ever eaten an entire plain cake donut without one glass of water? I didn’t think so. They would be better if they were chocolate (as is true for most things).

Grade: D+

16. Cream-Filled Donut

Vanilla or chocolate cream it doesn’t matter. It’s not jelly, so it’s not good enough.

Gade: C-

15. Strawberry Glazed Donut

I think people who order strawberry glazed donuts just get distracted by the pretty colors and forget that they should have ordered the chocolate glazed.

Grade: C-

14. Donut Holes

Donut holes are donuts you can eat 50 of and feel bad about yourself. But you can still eat 50.

Grade: C

13. Powdered Donut

Never. Enough. Napkins.

Grade: C+

12. Bavarian Cream Donut

Bavarian Cream donuts are made with cream cheese, while Boston Creme donuts are made with milk and eggs. Both are incredibly tasty.

Grade: B-

11. Maple Donut

Just the right amount of sweet maple flavor over what usually is a plain cake donut. Well done maple donuts, now if there was only bacon involved…

Grade: B-

10. Vanilla Glazed Donut

Oh vanilla, the most underrated flavor of all time. But seriously just get a chocolate donut.

Grade: B-

9. Donut Twist

It’s like a regular donut, only in a fun twisty form, which makes it very exciting to eat.

Grade: B

8. Boston Creme Donut

A Boston Creme Donut is just like a Bavarian Creme Donut with a creamy vanilla custard and usually a chocolate glaze, except that Boston creme one will punch you in the face if you insult Matt Damon or Mark Wahlburg.

Grade: B

7. Cruller

Crullers are very pretty to look at AND quite useful for dipping in chocolate or coffee.

Grade: B+

6. Apple Cider Donut

Apple picking is a strenuous activity, and the only thing that helps is multiple apple cider donuts.

Grade: A-

5. Jelly-Filled Donut

Donut + Jelly = Magic. Honestly why more people don’t get jelly-filled is really a question for scientists.

Grade: A-

4. Chocolate Cake Donut

Chocolate cake donuts are a little slice of heaven that sometimes we are lucky enough to experience.

Grade: A

3. Apple Fritter

Apple Fritters RULE, especially when they have a little bit of apple pie in the middle of them.

Grade: A

2. Classic Glazed Donut

How are classic glazed donuts so easy to eat? You read one magazine article and all of a sudden you’ve eaten 3. Are they magic?

Grade: A+

1. Chocolate Glazed Donut

Chocolate Glazed Donuts are the greatest gift to human kind that the donut gods have given us. They are the perfect mix of classic glazed donut and chocolate icing that has ever been seen. Ever.

Grade: A++

BRB gonna go grab a 12-pack.

Of chocolate glazed donuts, obviously.

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