The 29 Most Impressive “Veep” Putdowns

Game of Thrones isn’t the only major event happening on April 6th. Selena 2016!

1. Oh Jonah and his face.

2. And most of them use public transportation.

3. Truth bomb from Sue.

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4. The VP asserting her “authority.”

5. Dan’s face is actually the face of pure evil.

6. Good use of descriptive adjectives.

7. Youths today.

8. No gold stars for you.

9. As long as there is some guac in there…

10. But only if the polls agree.

11. Again, poor Jonah’s face.

12. The Grinch didn’t run marathons for a reason.

13. Gabe was a Quaker.

14. Classic daytime TV burn.

15. Just gonna let you go now…

HBO / Via

16. Harry Potter would disagree.

HBO / Via

17. Easier to remember than “Dan.”

HBO / Via

18. Just stop trying Cliff.

HBO / Via

19. Pretty brutal honesty.

20. Good for use on internet commenting.

HBO / Via

21. Classic Sue.

22. No messing around.

23. Emphasis noted.

24. Good use of pastry-themed insult.

HBO / Via

25. Skipping a trial separation entirely.

26. NO JAW.

HBO / Via

27. No, Simon did NOT mingle with Garfunkel.

28. No comment.

29. Actions speak louder than words.

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