The 24 Most Important “Game Of Thrones” Deaths (So Far)

All men must die. But do they really have to, George R.R. Martin? Spoilers up to Season 3.

24. Orell

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How They Died: Stabbed by Jon Snow

Orell the skinchanger was in love with Ygritte and hated Jon Snow so much he tried to kill him twice, once as a man and once as an eagle.

23. Pyat Pree

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How They Died: Burned to death by dragons

So what if he only dies in the show and not the books? Being burned to death by Dany’s dragons was only fair since he was trying to trap her in the House of the Undying.

22. Rickard Karstark

How They Died: Beheaded by Robb Stark

Effectively cutting Robb’s army in half, Rickard really should not have murdered those two Lannister captives. Just use your common sense!

21. Ser Rodrik Cassel

How They Died: Beheaded by Theon Greyjoy

What a sassy old man, telling Theon, “It grieves me you have less honor than a back-alley whore.”

20. Mirri Maz Duur

How They Died: Burned at the stake

Daenerys protected her and what did she get out of it? A dead husband and a barren womb. Mirri Maz Duur got off easy if you ask me.

19. Jory Cassel

How They Died: Stabbed in the eye by Jaime Lannister

Stalwart swordsman Jory was always ready to defend the Starks until Jaime went and murdered him.

18. Septa Mordane

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How They Died: Beheaded

Poor Septa Mordane, all she wanted was the Stark girls to grow up with grace and manners, and she got her head cut off. What a shame.

17. Ros

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How They Died: Shot with many arrows by Joffrey

Ros was a new character not mentioned in the books (although she was based on a red-headed whore who WAS mentioned), and everyone was taken in by her combination of smarts and sass. When Joffery used her for target practice in Season 3 it made us hate him even more. If that was even possible.

16. Kraznys mo Nakloz

How They Died: Burned to death

Life Lesson: You should probably not insult someone who is the blood of Old Valyria in Valyrian. Just an FYI.

15. Viserys Targaryen

How They Died: Molten gold to the head

A crown for a king indeed. Viserys may not have been the most evil character on the show, but he was incredibly whiny. As his sister said, “He was no dragon.”

14. Qhorin Halfhand

How They Died: Stabbed by Jon Snow

Qhorin let himself be killed by Jon Snow in order to ensure Jon’s appearance as a traitor to the Wildlings. What a brave soul.

13. Craster

How They Died: Stabbed by a member of the Night’s Watch

Craster married his daughters to have more daughters, and left his newborn sons out in the snow for the Wights to find. The most deserved death? Probably.

12. Beric Dondarrion

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How They Died: Killed by the Hound, but not for long.

Does Ser Beric count if he keeps waking up each time he dies? Probably.

11. Robert Baratheon

How They Died: Gored by a boar

A boorish man dies at the hands of a boar, a more fitting death could not be written. You get the sense that Robert could have been a good King if not for Cersei and the Lannisters, one of their many injustices.

10. Renly Baratheon

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How They Died: Stabbed by a smoke creature

Renly was so adorable and would have made a pretty good King, even if he was having an affair with his wife’s brother. But he really didn’t deserve to die at the hands of Melisandre’s creepy smoke demon.

9. Jeor Mormont

How They Died: Stabbed by a member of the Night’s Watch

The Old Bear was a good man who shouldn’t have been murdered by his own men in Craster’s creepy Hut O’ Horrors, but in Game of Thrones, no one really gets what they deserve.

8. Grey Wind

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How They Died: Killed by the Freys


7. Lady

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How They Died: Stabbed by Ned Stark

Probably one of the few deaths that was completely undeserved in the whole series, as Lady did nothing wrong, and was only killed because Cersei and Joffrey are literally the worst people ever.

6. Talisa Stark (and baby Stark)

How They Died: Stabbed by the Freys

Although she should have known better and not shacked up with an engaged King, Talisa did die a pretty horrible and painful looking death. Pretty sad stuff.

5. Maester Luwin

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How They Died: Spear to the stomach

Old Maester Luwin, what a kind soul you were, we miss you greatly.

4. Robb Stark

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How They Died: Shot by arrows, stabbed by Roose Bolton

What a painful death that was to watch, huh? Robb’s pregnant wife got stabbed in the stomach, then he gets stabbed as well. Those Starks are just an unlucky folk.

3. Khal Drogo

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How They Died: Smothered by Daenerys

Khal Drogo was such a great character, and it was actually very terrible when Daenerys had to smother him with a pillow after Mirri Maz Duur cursed him with her magic.

2. Ned Stark

How They Died: Beheaded

Did ANYONE see that coming? In the books or on the show, when has the central character ever just been killed off in the first season? Probably never, which is why Ned’s death really revealed how little George R.R. Martin actually cares about our feelings.

1. Catelyn Stark

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How They Died: Show with arrows, throat slit

Catelyn Stark could just not win. First her son is paralyzed, her sister goes crazy, then her husband gets murdered, then her daughters are held captive, then her father dies, and THEN SHE HAS TO WATCH HER SON MURDERED RIGHT BEFORE HER EVERY EYES. Yikes.

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