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The 15 People You Meet At Happy Hour

After a long day, nothing beats going to your favorite watering hole for some discounted drinks while mingling with the happy-hour regulars.

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1. The person who just had the worst day ever.

ABC / Via

Don't make eye contact until their third drink.

2. The important businessperson.

Columbia Pictures / Via

They probably work in finance and they will not hesitate to remind you how much money they make.

3. The person aggressively doing shots. / Via

Tonight is gonna RULE. Tomorrow however, is not looking so great.

4. The person on the prowl.

AMC / Via

So what if its 7PM on a Wednesday, you gotta lock these things up.

5. The karaoke fiend.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Keep them away from the microphone at all costs.

6. The trivia enthusiast.

Warner Bros. / Via

Can be located via matching t-shirts.

7. The person who just got a promotion/new job.

Marvel Entertainment / Via

Stay close to them, its the key to free drinks.

8. The person who just wants their wine.

Give them a bottle and stand back.

9. The person there for the appetizers. / Via

Don't get in the way between them and their half-off nachos.

10. The serial networker.

NBC / Via

No I don't want your business card, and I really don't want to hear about your new startup for this "cloud" I've been hearing about.

11. The group taking up 3 tables.

Paramount Pictures / Via

You can't sit with us.

12. The creeper.

Universal Pictures / Via

Backs away slowly

13. The old person.

The CW / Via

They've been sitting in that bar since it was an underground speakeasy.

14. The dancer.

HBO / Via


15. The intern.

Warner Bros. / Via

Who are you again?

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