The 15 People You Meet At Happy Hour

After a long day, nothing beats going to your favorite watering hole for some discounted drinks while mingling with the happy-hour regulars.

1. The person who just had the worst day ever.

Don’t make eye contact until their third drink.

2. The important businessperson.

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They probably work in finance and they will not hesitate to remind you how much money they make.

3. The person aggressively doing shots.

Tonight is gonna RULE. Tomorrow however, is not looking so great.

4. The person on the prowl.

So what if its 7PM on a Wednesday, you gotta lock these things up.

5. The karaoke fiend.

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Keep them away from the microphone at all costs.

6. The trivia enthusiast.

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Can be located via matching t-shirts.

7. The person who just got a promotion/new job.

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Stay close to them, its the key to free drinks.

8. The person who just wants their wine.

Give them a bottle and stand back.

9. The person there for the appetizers.

Don’t get in the way between them and their half-off nachos.

10. The serial networker.

No I don’t want your business card, and I really don’t want to hear about your new startup for this “cloud” I’ve been hearing about.

11. The group taking up 3 tables.

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You can’t sit with us.

12. The creeper.

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Backs away slowly

13. The old person.

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They’ve been sitting in that bar since it was an underground speakeasy.

14. The dancer.

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15. The intern.

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Who are you again?

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