20 Times "Cougar Town" Was The Most Relatable Show On TV

The wine-drinking ladies of Cougar Town know exactly the issues millennials face on an every day basis. Their solution? Drink more wine.

1. On getting ready for a business meeting

ABC / Via tumblr.com

Don’t let them sense weakness.

2. On happy hour

ABC / Via sheknows.com

Say “no” to the fifth shot, however.

3. On justifying bad decisions

ABC / Via sheknows.com

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

4. On eating lunch alone

ABC / Via giphy.com

Anyone want to sit here? Anyone?

5. On being unemployed

ABC / Via sheknows.com

I’m a professional internet thief, and that’s my outlet you’re looking at.

6. On weekend activities


7. On being honest about yourself

ABC / Via uproxx.com

The truth hurts sometimes.

8. On surviving the workplace

ABC / Via uproxx.com

And none of them can properly use Google Docs.

9. On Valentine’s Day

ABC / Via uproxx.com

Seriously though.

10. On other people…



ABC / Via fanpop.com

People are the worst.

12. On Friendship

ABC / Via fanpop.com

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. Remember that.

13. On running that half-marathon

ABC / Via offcolortv.com

Just nope.

14. On drinking wine

Juice for adults.

15. On having empathy

ABC / Via giphy.com

Best to not have any.

16. On dealing with co-workers

ABC / Via tumblr.com

Yes, do tell me more about your weekend spent antiquing, in great detail.

17. On public transportation

ABC / Via weheartit.com

Especially if its the L train.

18. On job interviews

ABC / Via giphy.com


19. On giving beauty advice

ABC / Via uproxx.com

Who are you? Joan Rivers?

20. On that really great glass of wine at the end of a long stressful day

ABC / Via uproxx.com


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