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16 Signs You Are Definitely Not Going Out Tonight

A wise man once said, "When there is pizza and Netflix, there is true happiness." He was so wise.

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1. You had a rough day. / Via

Mostly because the day ended in a "Y".

2. Your pants are already off.

CBS / Via

Instantly more comfy.

3. Your hair will just NOT cooperate.

ABC / Via

RIP comb.

4. You've made easily breakable promises to your friends.

DreamWorks Pictures / Via

Never commit to plans unless you can break them.

5. You've spent the last hour browsing Seamless.

NBC / Via

Every pizza is a personal pizza if you finish it yourself.

6. You just realized your roommate is out of town.

20th Century Fox / Via

Just make sure you've locked all the doors. Twice.

7. You've already cracked open your first bottle of wine.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Emphasis on first.

8. Netflix is open and paused on your computer.

ABC / Via

Just one more episode, promise.

9. You remember you hate talking to strangers. Or people, for that matter.

NBC / Via

Why can't they just go away and leave me to my couch?

10. You checked your bank account recently.

NBC / Via

Does money actually grow on invisible trees? Because that's the only logical explanation at this point.

11. It's [insert any kind of weather phenomena here] outside.

20th Century Fox / Via


12. You haven't gone to the gym recently. Or ever, really.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Do you even know where the closest gym is? Correct Answer: No.

13. You literally can't find anything in your apartment.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

It's probably buried in that mound over there. Best leave it be.

14. You skipped laundry day this month (year). / Via

One day. Just not this day.

15. Or... you just did laundry and your sheets are way too comfortable for their own good.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Never leaving the bed again, FYI.

16. You are 100%, absolutely, definitely not going out tonight.

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