16 Signs You Are A Human Being

Do you sometimes question if you are a regular human being? Well, worry no more, if any of these 16 things have happened to you recently, you are probably a person living on planet Earth.

1. You Breathe Air

Yep, pretty basic.

2. You like Jennifer Lawrence

Further explanation not required.

3. You don’t have enough money

Crushing debt? Check.
Outrageous rent? Check.
Minuscule (or nonexistent) paycheck? CHECK.

Living with 5 roommates or your parents until you are 45? Check.

4. You Drink to Survive

Wine, beer, vodka, bourbon, doesn’t matter. Unless it’s “Fluffy Marshmallow Vodka”, then you should probably seek professional help.

5. You have strong feelings about a sports team

It could be your college team, the team in your city, or that club you’ve always been a fan of for years. Whatever the sport, if your team is playing the other side might as well have “666” tattooed on their foreheads.

6. You don’t like your job

Unless you are an Imagineer at Disney World or Amy Poehler’s personal assistant, your job is something that pays your wine bills. Nothing more.

7. You have (love) to eat

Doesn’t matter the time or place, just as long as its food.

8. You watch too much TV

What else are you supposed to do while nursing a hangover and looking at your student loan bills? Exercise? HAHAHAHA. No.

9. You hate working out

There is a small portion of the population that actively enjoys this misery, and unfortunately scientists say they will outlive us all.

10. You like animals more than other people

Everyone does, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Animals are perfect and we should love them always.

11. You dislike all politicians

The easiest way to tell if someone is horrible is to ask if they work in politics.

12. Your friends keep you sane

“Sane” being applied loosely.

13. You think there are too many people in the world

Why is everything crowded all the time? Literally everything has a line. It must stop.

14. You wish you could take more naps

People were not mean to be awake for 15 hours straight each day. There’s a theory that more naps = world peace.

15. You don’t always win at life

Sometimes its best to just go along for the ride.

16. But sometimes you do

Treasure these moments like caramel chocolates in a Godiva box, you don’t get very many!

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