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    Mar 5, 2014

    15 Egregious Sci-Fi Movie Plot Holes


    1. Why didn't Gandalf call the Eagles to fly the fellowship into Mordor?

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    As this video clearly illustrates, Gandalf could have easily called his giant eagle buddies to help Frodo with his really really long journey to Mordor.

    They wouldn't have even had to flown the entire way! "Just drop me off past those marshes filled with dead people".

    2. What was Nero doing for those 25 years after he killed Kirk's father?

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    He kills Kirk's father and the entire crew aboard the USS Kelvin, but then just kind of chills out for 25 years until Jim Kirk is old enough to fly a spaceship. Were the Romulans playing a really intense game of monopoly and couldn't be bothered to do ANYTHING for a quarter-century? Clearly.

    3. Why didn't the microwave emitter used by Scarecrow and Ra's al Ghul kill everyone in Gotham city?

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    Ra's Al Ghul's master plan was to infect Gotham's water supply with a super toxin, then use a souped-up microwave emitter that would vaporize the city's water supply, thus releasing the toxin into the air.

    But humans are approximately 57% water. So everyone in Gotham (including Ra's Al Ghul and Scarecrow) would have boiled to death. Super plan.

    4. Where did Edward Scissorhands get all the ice to create his majestic sculptures?

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Honestly, the most perplexing question of all time — where does all of that ice come from? Does Winona Ryder steal it all from the nearest Costco?

    5. How did Jeff Goldblum's computer virus work on the alien computers?

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Yes, the scientists say that most of our technology came from the alien ship, so it's not totally unbelievable, BUT that ship crashed in Roswell 50 years ago. Is Independence Day really trying to say that the aliens didn't have one software update in 50 years? REALLY.

    6. Why was Obi Wan's idea of "hiding" Luke Skywalker involve NOT changing his name and raising him on the same planet where his father was born?

    Lucasfilm / Via

    Because the best way to hide a child from their parent who is crazy powerful in space magic is to allow his uncle to raise him on the same planet where his father grew up. With the same last name. A foolproof plan.

    7. Why don't Marty's parents recognize him from their past?

    Universal Pictures / Via

    At no point when Marty is growing up do they think "Hey, our son looks an AWFUL lot like that guy who got us together and radically changed our lives." Clearly not the most perceptive parents.

    8. Don't feed the Gremlins after midnight, except it's ALWAYS after midnight

    Warner Bros. / Via

    It. Is. Always. After. Midnight.

    9. How did Whiplash know Tony Stark was going to be on the track?

    Marvel Studios / Via

    Did he just assume Tony was gonna drive that day? What if he had stayed in the restaurant? Or left? Seems like an awfully big gamble.

    10. Why wouldn't the human race just bomb Pandora?

    20th Century Fox / Via

    At the end of Avatar, the humans are defeated and all the Na'vi were very happy and Sam Worthington had a lovely blue girlfriend. But what made them think that that when the defeated soldiers got back to Earth, our world leaders wouldn't have decided to just blow that planet out of existence? Because that's absolutely what would have happened.

    11. Why doesn't anyone wonder about Caesar and his abilities?

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Never once does Frieda Pinto's character (or ANY character) question why James Franco has a super intelligent ape just hanging out at his house. Because that was probably totally FDA-approved. Sure.

    12. Why not just train astronauts to drill on an asteriod?

    Touchstone Pictures / Via

    It's incredibly competitive and challenging to become an astronaut, and one would think it would be easier to train them how to drill deep into an asteroid. They also have radios, which means Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck could have chatted with the astronauts and answered any questions they had. INSTEAD OF REPLACING THEM.

    13. Why did humans block out the sun?

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    In The Matrix, humans blocked out the sun to deprive the machines of their energy source. Except that the sun is also the energy source for Earth, and without the Sun humans would have died out long before Keanu Reeves came onto the scene.

    14. Are the Autobots hippies?

    DreamWorks Pictures / Via

    When the Allspark is activated, machines that it energizes immediately turn angry and evil. So are the Autobots the peace-loving hippies with weird robot genes?

    15. How did the T-Rex get into the Jurassic Park visitor center?

    Universal Pictures / Via

    How does a T-Rex sneak into a visitor center without anyone noticing? Did he tip-toe?

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