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11 Questions Disney Forgot To Answer

Who is Chip's father? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO OLAF? All serious questions that should be answered by Disney ASAP.

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1. What happens to Olaf when Elsa dies?

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Since Elsa's magic created Olaf, when she dies is he going to die? What's the limit on Elsa's magic anyways, would all of the ice just melt and create some serious global warming issues?

Or does he continue on as an immortal snowman, forever searching for his warm hug? JUST LET US KNOW.

2. What happened to Prince Ali's people?

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When the Genie created all of those people from Prince Ali's "country", they had to have been real, so then what happened to them? Did they go back to their fake country that exists because the Genie created it?


3. What happened to the ship's crew in Madagascar?

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So the ship wrecked on Madagascar, leaving the animals to fend for themselves against insane lemurs. But what happened to the HUMAN BEINGS that were steering the ship? Did the penguins eat them?

4. What did Cinderella do with her step-mother and step-sisters?

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After being tormented/neglected for most of her childhood, Cinderella finally achieves the American dream and marries her prince. But then what does she do with her terrible family? I hope she at least raised their taxes by 50%.

5. Do the lions in The Lion King control the weather?

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It's the only reasonable explanation for the severe drought that Pride Rock sees immediately after Scar takes over as King. And then how it rains RIGHT AFTER SCAR IS DEFEATED. Literally, right after.

6. Is Ariel OK with being a cannibal?

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She's a mermaid, which is part FISH part human. So when Ariel marries Eric and becomes fully human, she probably is offered fish in her meal at least once (especially since they live in a castle by the OCEAN). Does she feel like she's eating her family and friends each type she enjoys a delightful blackened salmon? What a monster.

7. How was the Coachman's donkey trade profitable?

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Beyond the magical issues of turning alcoholic children into donkeys, how did the Coachman afford the upkeep on Pleasure Island? Is there really such a donkey shortage in the world that he would have been able to afford an entire amusement park with free food and beer?

8. How did Mowgli revert back to human civilization so easily?

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This is a boy who was raised by wolves and hypnotized by a giant snake. Then one day he sees a pretty girl and BOOM, he's all about humans? Does he even speak a human language? Does he know how to use a salad fork correctly? Trick question, no one does.

9. What is the deal with Chip?

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Let's think about this logically. Either Chip was born pre-curse and then just continued to have the mental capacities of a 5 year-old for many years, OR Mrs. Potts had an illicit affair with a casserole dish. Either way, WTF?

10. How would the toys in Toy Story deal with being immortal?

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They are toys, so they can't die right? Which means they just go to new humans every so often, or just watch their humans grow up and die. Forever. Pretty harsh life.

11. What happened after Mr. Dawes went insane in Mary Poppins?

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He king of goes insane and starts FLOATING, which clearly isn't normal business as usual. Do the other bankers just kind of go with it or do they call a vote of no confidence?

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