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18 Things You'll Only Understand If You've Been To IKEA Alone

Forever #ikeaalone.

1. Posing the important questions to yourself, and yourself only.

Do I really need a sheepskin rug #Ikea #IkeaProblems #WantThis

2. Spending as long as you want in the store, if that's your thing.

@nctriadgirl / Via

3. Or if you prefer, being able to GTFO as quickly as humanly possible.

tomorrow I will try and beat my personal best at ikea.. 15 minutes... let's see how much of #ikeaexpert I really am.

4. Going a bit nuts in the Marketplace with nobody to judge you for it.

@samanthasnyc / Via

5. Not having to be "that couple."

So we were 'that couple' today who purchases an item frm Ikea that won't fit into their small SUV & has a parking lot argument #ikeaproblems

6. Not having to make a list like this.

@gomiezbear / Via

7. Not having to send texts like this.

@lucysilag / Via

8. Keeping all the meatballs to yourself.

9. Getting cinnamon buns whenever you damn well please.

Hour 6 in #ikea. She decided on the white dresser. Thank the ikea gods. Now we can finally get #cinnamonbuns. #ikeaproblems

10. And grabbing the traditional celebratory ice cream on your own sweet time.

Wait 15 minutes in line for ice cream, only to have your two year old have to go pee before you get to the front. #ikeaproblems

11. (Because let's be honest, you fucking deserve it.)

12. You know that going to IKEA alone is not for the weak...

Urm question just dawned on me.. How do I get this in my Mini? This is about to get sweaty.. #IKEAsolo

13. is for the truly dedicated.

Susie Armitage / Via

(And for those willing to pay for the delivery of large items.)

14. You've been here before, wondering if you've bitten off more than you can chew.

@tessakairos / Via

15. You've singlehandedly (wo)manned a cart piled so high it made other customers nervous.

@jessiecli / Via

And you didn't even hit anyone.

16. You've emerged, victorious, like the triumphant gladiator you are.

17. And while the little man might beg to differ...

Don't you hate it when furniture instructions be all, "not so fast, Miss Alone on Friday Night!" #ikeaproblems

*seriously be careful though, sometimes you really do need to call a friend

18.'re proud to #ikeaalone like a total boss.

Built some flat pack furniture and now I feel like I can take on the world. #ikeaproblems

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