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26 Things Aerialists, Acrobats & Circus Freaks Will Understand

Whether you do silks, lyra, pole or trapeze, you don't have to be in Cirque du Soleil to know #circushurts.

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1. Stuff that looks awesome often feels awful (until you get used to it.)

It's a neck hang. What exactly were you expecting?

2. You hurt in places you didn't know a person could hurt.

Like the tops of your feet and the spaces between your toes.

3. New tricks don't come as quickly as you'd like.

As NYC-based aerial coach Laura Witwer says, "Time, Grasshopper, time."

4. When you finally nail them, the hardest moves don't get the most applause.

The splits are beautiful, but they're also pretty basic in the aerial world. You have to be SERIOUSLY strong to do this.

5. You collect bruises all over your body.

To the point that complete strangers are concerned.

6. And some sexy underarm burns.

Thanks, fabric!

7. Your hands aren't looking too great, either.

But you ~earned~ those calluses and you know they'll only make you tougher.

8. Basically:

"Truth young Carnie, truth. #circus #teacherproblems #kidsarefunny #circuskidquotes #circushurts"

9. You will get up close and personal with your apparatus in places where the sun don't shine.

"Hangin' by the skin of my cheeks. #aerialistproblems #circus #ificouldnamethismoveiwouldcallittheassgrinder"

10. Your wallet's also feeling the pain.

Trapeze on Tuesdays, wheel on Wednesdays, trampoline on Thursdays, fabric on Fridays, straps on Saturdays...

11. Because most of us don't have ceilings like this at home.

If you win the lottery, you're buying your own warehouse.

12. Or backyards like this.


13. So you have to get creative when you can't train in your usual space.

If a hip key occurs without a silk, is it still a hip key?

14. When you finally get your own apparatus, you want to spend every single minute together.

"These bad boys arrived today! Snuggling up with them for the night and dreaming of breaking them in at training tomorrow #aerialstraps #sopumped #aerialist #training"

15. Your non-circus friends don't always get what you do.

But that doesn't mean you love them any less.

16. Try as you might to coax them into the air.

You remember the tears of joy you cried when you got your first pull-up (or you're still working toward it and you have faith you ~will~ get there!)

17. Your new muscles may actually bust a shirt or two.

That's a wardrobe malfunction you can appreciate.

18. At one point, you will accidentally flash your training partners.

Or the audience (~shudders~).

19. Your clothes will get stuck, tangled or otherwise mutilated by the apparatus.

"Tore my ass open on a bolt while trying to vault over a giant metal wheel in Brooklyn.. #nbd #circusproblems"

20. But it's OK, because you've got leggings for every day of the week.

Seriously, when was the last time you bought regular pants?

21. No matter your sense of personal style.

"The most difficult thing about circus sports is not looking too odd shopping for tights!"

22. Though wearing your circus gear outside between workouts sometimes feels a little weird.

"I'm sorry. These are not even not-pants; they are a flimsy layer of neon illusion."

23. But it can also help you find other members of the tribe.

You can always pick out another circus person on the subway. Or in the glitter aisle at Michaels.

24. You'll make friends you can trust more than you ever imagined possible.

Don't try this at home.

25. Who will also keep you in line.

Adieu, Montréal.

26. Because wherever you go, you're part of a big, crazy circus family that will literally catch you when you fall.

And laugh with you when your shirt falls off.

H/t Circus Problems and hop_float_fly.

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