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18 TV Characters That Every Queer Girl Has Crushed On At Some Point

Sailor Moon, obvs.

BuzzFeed Brazil asked readers on Facebook about fictional characters that every queer girl has crushed on — here are the top heartthrobs who made them swoon the most:

1. Shane McCutcheon, from The L Word


Just one of these looks from actress Katherine Moennig = considerable heart damage, TBH.

2. Xena, Warrior Princess


"I had a crush on her before I knew what a crush was," one of our readers said. Same.

3. Callie Torres, from Grey's Anatomy


Her and Arizona though!!

4. The Pink and Yellow Power Rangers.

Fox Kids

Now that's a throwback.

5. Poussey Washington, from Orange is the New Black


One of the most beautiful characters inside and out to ever grace our screens <3

6. Lara Croft, from Tomb Raider

Square Enix

Doesn't matter which version we're talking — Angelina Jolie, Alicia Vikander or in the game itself — Lara was SMOKIN' hot.

7. Sailor Moon

Rede Manchete

And all the other sailors, let's be honest.

8. Stella, from Orange is the New Black

Netflix / Via


9. Claire Underwood, from House of Cards


Terrible, but irresistibly so.

10. Mazikeen, from Lucifer


If you haven't crushed on a demon, you're doing it wrong.

11. Alex Vause, from Orange is the New Black


Let's just say Piper isn't the only one rightfully obsessed, eh?

12. Rosa Diaz, from Brooklyn Nine-Nine


She's reason alone for the series to never be canceled.

13. Dolores Abernathy, from Westworld


Robot crushes are all the rage now, anyway.

14. Kalinda, from The Good Wife


Hey Hollywood — more tough-as-nails heartbreakers like Kalinda, please!

15. Effy Stonem, from Skins


Those eyes! That smile!!!

16. Delphine Cormier, from Orphan Black

BBC America

Is there anything sexier than a character who'll do literally anything to protect her loved ones?? Nope.

17. Thirteen, from House


Even before House, we were already crushing on Olivia Wilde as Alex in The O. C.

18. Jessica Jones


Nothing hotter than a full-frontal badass, full stop.

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This post was translated from Portuguese.

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