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  • New York City Street Style Bloggers

    In 1978 Bill Cunningham submitted a compilation of impromptu photos of famous people to The New York Times. He started this type of photography after taking a picture of Greta Garbo walking on the streets of New York.

  • A New Season: Tracking The Emerging British Fashion Talent

    As August comes to an end and September fast approaches the immortal works of Candy Pratts Prices’ immortal words in R J Cutler’s Vogue documentary The September Issue, “September is the January of fashion” ring true for the publishing industry. With the new season comes a plethora of phonebook-thick fashion magazines all reporting on trends seen on at the Autumn/Winter shows at New York, London, Milan and Paris’s fashion weeks.

  • Social Media Driven Discounts and Promos in the Fashion Industry

    It’s no laughing matter the importance given to social media by so many industries today. The fashion industry alone, has started spending millions of dollars in putting up their own digital marketing teams, in order to keep up with this quick-paced social phenomena. But regardless of the drastic changes it has already made, it seems as if there is always something new just around the corner.

  • Facebook Strategies for Fashion Brands

    As we often ought to do in our line of work, we came upon an interesting piece last week that definitely caught our attention. Lauren Fisher, founder of Simply Zesty came up with this list last year about what she thought were the 50 Most Creative Brand Pages on Facebook, and it is quite an impressive list indeed. Her knowledgeable insight on the matter has inspired us as well to make our own short list of Creative Brand Pages from the fashion industry on Facebook.

  • A Guide to NYC Department Stores

    When someone says New York City, almost immediately does shopping come to mind. And not without good reason, the fashion capital is home to some of the largest department stores in the world. Each of these department stores has a history and a unique shopping experience. Here is a summary of New York’s most famous department stores to give an impression of these shopper’s paradises.

  • The Top 5 Most Shocking Events in Fashion 2013

    The fashion world can be a turbulent one. Every year there are tons of events that shock the industry and the rest of the world. Some fashion events keep the world on its toes with breaking headlines that vary from: outrageous fashion collections to tragic deaths to scandalous criminal trials. Here is a list of what we think are the top 5 most shocking events in the fashion industry so far in 2013. Warning: Be prepared to be shocked…

  • Artists We Admire - Fashion Creative Directors

    The Fashion Industry has become digitalized. Some of the brands have embraced it so greatly that not only are they present on most major social media networks, but they are also doing a terrific job having their audiences fully engaged. However, having a solid and strong creative director these days may be more important than ever before. Let’s find out how powerful creative directors really are, or may become.

  • Controversial Fashion Campaigns - How far is too far?

    Sometimes an advertising campaign can get banned. There are different reasons used as an explanation. Racism, feminism, sexuality, nudity, violence, and drugs are the common ones. It is believed that an ad shouldn’t include any image that could result in a person behaving in any inappropriate way. Then, how far is too far?

  • How does Celebrity Exposure Affect Social Media during Fashion Events?

    Its been almost a month since Paris Haute Couture Week, and yet we’re still not over the hoopla - especially the frenzy it took on over social media networks all over the world! As previously established on Fashionbi’s last webinar ‘Fashion Week: The Brands Battle on Weibo’, fashion events have a serious pull on social media presence. But apart from taking advantage of the extra mileage events promotions can gather, how else can fashion brands make the most of it on social media?

  • Can Romania Make Waves In The Global Fashion Industry?

    By Luciana Zegheanu Romania- a country where basic freedoms and creativity were harshly suppressed until 1989 is now attempting to find its pace throughout capitalism. Here, the development of fashion is slow, yet promising, as the creative freedom and innovative spirit of Romanian designers are strongly materialized in their distinctive designs.

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