What Do People Actually Hate About You?

You probably already know what your friends and family love about you, but what do they say when you leave the room? Don’t take this quiz unless you REALLY want to know…

    1. Cat and horse.
    2. Richard Austin / Rex / Rex USA
      Dog and lamb.
    1. SWNS
      Puppy and kitten.
    2. Cat and fox.
    1. Rob Leeson / Newspix / Rex
      Kangaroo and wallaby.
    2. Jamie Hanson / Rex USA
      Wild pig and parakeet.
    1. Dalmatian and turtle.
    2. Igor Yakunin / AP
      Tiger and shar pei.
    1. A quiet evening with close friends.
    2. ThinkStock
      A raging all-night party.
    1. CEO.
    2. Veterinarian.
    1. Rock star.
    2. Teacher.
    1. Movie star.
    2. Lawyer.
    1. Poet.
    2. ThinkStock
    1. ThinkStock
    1. CBS
    2. NBC
    1. FX
    1. P.E.
    2. Art.
    1. English.
    2. Math.
    1. History.
    2. Science.
    1. Recess.
    2. Matt Groenig
    1. Getty Images
    1. Getty Images

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