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    16 Reasons Your Best Friend Is Your Best Friend

    It's good to be gotten.

    1. Because they understand you even when no one else does.

    2. Because of all the near-misses (and actual disasters) they got you through.

    3. Because they always know exactly when you need them to be cheesy.

    4. And when you just need help with something only they could possibly get.

    5. You're literally always in sync.

    6. Because they always want to share their experiences with you however they can.

    7. And even when you complain about it, you secretly appreciate how important it is to them.

    8. Because they don't ask questions when you ask them to hold a grudge.

    9. And all that really matters is that you have each other.

    10. Because they never hesitate to help you out no matter how gross the circumstances.

    11. They put real love into the dumb snapchats and texts that actually make your day.

    12. No one uses emojis like they do.

    13. They fill you in on everything, important or... less so.

    14. Because their successes feel like your successes, and vice versa.

    15. Because with your best friend, you can always just be yourself.

    16. And most importantly: you love yourself more when you're around them, because they always bring out the best in you.