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    The 50 Cutest Instagram Accounts In The Whole World

    I don't know what you're doing with your life that could possibly be more productive than stocking your Instagram feed with these mega cute bombs.


    Instagram: @cosmothedog

    Name: Cosmo

    Kind: Golden retriever

    Location: Malaysia

    Followers: 76,218

    Age: 2.5 years

    Daily activity of choice: Walking... with "swagger."


    Instagram: @ryotukoro

    Name: P-chan

    Kind: Lucky black cat

    Location: Japan

    Followers: 85,545

    Best friend: Nya-san

    Fun fact: Chooses his own filters


    Instagram: @bree343

    Name: Hollie

    Kind: Cocker spaniel

    Location: New York

    Followers: 1,771

    Favorite color: Pink

    Bonus friends: Adorable westie & pretty gal


    Instagram: @alyeska

    Place: Alyeska Huskies

    What is it: A magical land full of huskies

    Location: Cambridgeshire, England

    Followers: 2,832

    Their names: Buzz, Pooka, Leah, Zizou, Rascal, Musky, Pikey, Scarab, Pixie, Angus, Ash, Jet, & Dot

    Special award: Most likely to be gainfully employed.


    Name: Wheat

    Kind: Cuteness

    Location: Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Japan

    Followers: 29,300

    Bonus: Pretty things

    Motto: "Less is more."


    Instagram: @uminoriharu

    Name: Sana

    Kind: Shiba Inu

    Location: Japan

    Followers: 4,915

    Nonesense Google translate caption: "んOoooo Ooooo Ooooo Oh ~ ~ ~ A"

    On video: YouTube


    Instagram: @spangles09

    Name: Spangles

    Kind: Cross-eyed kitty

    Location unknown

    Followers: 3,492

    Most beautiful feature: His eyes

    Favorite holiday: Talk Like A Pirate Day


    Instagram: @shalfey_corgi

    Name: Shalfey

    Kind: Corgi

    Location: Moscow, Russia

    Followers: 118

    What's fun: Snow

    The only hashtag you need: #corgi


    Instagram: @goemon16

    Name: Michelle

    Kind: Russian blue

    Location: Yokohama, Japan

    Followers: 41,056

    Favorite colors: Gray and bronze

    More: Here


    Instagram: @betty_style

    Name: Betty

    Kind: Dachsund princess

    Location: Japan

    Followers: 10,223

    Even more pictures: Bettystyle

    Because: Look at her.


    Instagram: @xixilan_788

    Name: Not entirely clear but look at that mustache!

    Kind: Dapper gentleman

    Location: Shēnzhèn, China

    Followers: 440

    Likely alignment: True neutral

    Handsomeness meter: Off the charts


    Instagram: @kintai_the_yorkshireterrier

    Name: Kintai

    Kind: Yorkshire terrier

    Location: Hong Kong

    Followers: 7,702

    Career: Fashion model

    Embarrassing secret: Extremely picky eater


    Instagram: @momoramubabu

    Names: Momo, Ramu, & Babu

    Kinds: A pug, a french bulldog, & a miniature pinscher

    Location: Japan

    Followers: 1,114

    Philosophy: Never be nude.

    No, seriously: So many coats.


    Instagram: @pekimuku

    Name: Pekimuku (& pals)

    Kinds: Pekingese (& a chihuahua, & two cats)

    Location: Somewhere in Japan, we think

    Followers: 1,956

    Emoticon portrait: (´・ε・`)

    Favorite Beatles song: "I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends"


    Instagram: @shoesdec

    Name: Xandy

    Kind: Golden retriever

    Location: Butterworth, Malaysia

    Followers: 6,152

    Age: 6 years old

    Single emotion felt: Happiness


    Instagram: @guremike

    Names: Unknown, username Guremike

    Kind: Scottish fold

    Location: Japan

    Followers: 1,254

    Many, many more pictures: Guremike blog

    Google translated bio: "Spell nothing happens every day, especially certain cat siblings, documentary and lazy love and excitement."


    Instagram: @1202yu

    Name: Windy

    Kind: Golden Retriever

    Location: Nagoya, Japan

    Followers: 756

    Favorite activity: Looking at food

    Least favorite activity: Not getting to eat the food :(


    Instagram: @ogapong

    Name: Maru Ogata

    Kind: Maltese

    Location: Japan, we think

    Followers: 2,346

    Pet peeve: Being cold.

    Sweetest quote via Google Translate: "I am fully aware that it is doting."


    Instagram: @cheezee

    Names: Zeon & Haro

    Kind: Lovely cats

    Location: Seoul, South Korea

    Followers: 533

    Favorite animal: Lion

    Favorite box: Any box


    Instagram: @sachi0711

    Names: Nara & Abby

    Kinds: Dachsund & Chihuahua, respectively

    Location: Presumably somewhere in Japan

    Followers: 6,464

    Most important thing in life: Friendship

    Favorite emoji:


    Instagram: @wanderlustpug

    Name: Darwin

    Kind: Pug

    Location: World traveler

    Followers: 10,332

    Halloween costume: iPhone costume

    Perpetual face: Sadness masking intense happiness


    Instagram: @richard_kitty

    Name: Richard

    Kind: Odd-eyed rescue kitty

    Location: Costa Mesa, California

    Followers: 13,947

    Best friend: Toshi

    Favorite toy: String


    Instagram: @missdiad

    Name: Ella

    Kind: Orange pomeranian

    Location unknown

    Followers: 3,085

    Favorite punctuation: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best friend: Chuffy, the sable pomeranian


    Instagram: @utacci

    Name: Unclear, username Utacci

    Kind: Scottish fold

    Location: Tokyo, Japan

    Followers: 3,695

    Face shape: The roundest

    Want to pet scale: Unchartable


    Names: Shirasu, Hotate & Clam

    Types: Scottish fold, lucky black cat, & ragdoll, respectively

    Location: Tokyo, Japan

    Bonus! Two dachsunds named Jupiter & Lapis

    Photography skills: Off the charts


    Instagram: @hacth427

    Names: Hatch & Nico

    Kind: Long-haired miniature dachsunds

    Location: Japan

    Followers 118,421

    On video: YouTube

    Favorite season: ALL OF THEM!


    Instagram: @hana_uoj

    Name: Iriko

    Kind: Shih tzu & chihuahua mix

    Location: Osaka, Japan

    Followers: 1,288

    Thing he looks like that isn't a dog: The cutest cartoon character ever

    Birthdate: Oct. 10, 2011


    Instagram: @smooshblog

    Name: Smoosh

    Kind: Exotic shorthair

    Location: Bloomington, Indiana

    Followers: 2,921

    Significant other: Lil Bub

    Blog: Here


    Instagram: @threecorgis

    Names: Hambone, Cupcake & Wolfgang

    Kind: Corgis

    Location: Hermosa Beach, California

    Followers: 7,670

    Favorite place to hang: The beach

    More: Here


    Instagram: @yo_yoko

    Name: Yoko

    Kind: French bulldog

    Location: New York City

    Followers: 374

    Favorite day of the week: #ThrowbackThursdays, when Yoko flashes back to puppytimes

    Favorite hip-hop song: H.A.M.


    Instagram: @mawin_hope

    Place: Homer Cattery

    What is it: A magical land full of Persian cats

    Location: Bangkok, Thailand

    Followers: 261,092

    Side project: A fashion line called the "Homer Collection"

    Best name: The ribbon-winner pictured is named "Iliad The Giant Hamster"


    Instagram: @piratepugjack

    Name: Pirate Pug Jack

    Kind: Pug

    Location: Los Angeles, California

    Followers: 8,777

    Football team: San Francisco 49ers

    Occupation: Pirating


    Instagram: @handsomemike

    Name: Hero

    Kind: White German shepherd

    Location: England

    Followers: 11,305

    Magic power: Always looks handsome

    Favorite activity: Bounding around


    Name: Pudge

    Kind: Exotic shorthair

    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Followers: 32,222

    Website: Pudge The Cat

    Birthday: July 5, 2010


    Instagram: @quaint_mono_gram

    Name: Jigsaw

    Kind: Pomeranian

    Location: China, we think

    Followers: 1.418

    Best friend: Mixed-breed dog Juri

    Bonus: Cool graphic design making this even cuter!


    Instagram: @tunameltsmyheart

    Name: Tuna

    Kind: "Chiweenie"

    Location: Los Angeles, California

    Followers: 157,160

    Doppelganger: Mr. Burns from The Simpsons

    Height of fame: Appearance on the Today show


    Instagram: @andrewknapp

    Name: Momo

    Kind: Border collie

    Location: Ontario, Canada

    Followers: 6,262

    Favorite game: Find Momo

    Favorite weather: Snow


    Instagram: @nala_cat

    Name: Nala

    Kind: Siamese/Tabby mix

    Location unknown

    Followers: 478,823

    Origin story: Adopted from a shelter at 5 months old

    Question with an answer that is surprisingly not just a collection of the photos above: Why does Instagram user nala_cat have so many followers?


    Instagram: @ginny_jrt

    Name: Ginny

    Kind: Rescued Jack Russell

    Location: United Kingdom

    Followers: 146,675

    Video: YouTube

    Favorite season: WINTER


    Instagram: @ninawanco

    Name: Nina

    Kind: Corgi

    Location: Kanazawa, Japan

    Followers: 88,439

    More pictures: Here

    Favorite things: Soccer & breakfast


    Instagram: @snoopybabe

    Name: Snoopy

    Kind: Exotic shorthair

    Location: Chengdu, Sichuan

    Followers: 158,006

    The dark secret: It's actually an aggregate from Snoopy's Weibo (sort of like Chinese Twitter) account.

    Daily schedule: According to his owner, Snoopy spends "17 hours a day sleeping, 2 hours a day playing, 1 hour a day grooming, 2 hours a day eating, and 2 hours in a trance thinking about a cat's life."


    Instagram: @dog_dada

    Name: Dada

    Kind: Long-haired chihuahua

    Location: Tokyo, Japan

    Followers: 89,014

    Favorite things: "Apples, Belly rubs, and Human being"

    That's according to: Her awesome website


    Instagram: @emonemon

    Name: Shishi Maru

    Kind: Scottish fold

    Location: Norway, we think

    Followers: 11,591

    Facebook: Here

    Previously: Won the internet


    Instagram: @thiswildidea

    Name: Maddie

    Kind: Coonhound

    Location: Travelling the USA

    Followers: 163,243

    Dad's name: Theron Humphrey

    Their important website: Maddie On Things


    Instagram: @colonelmeow

    Name: Colonel Meow

    Type: Evil overlord / Rescued Persian

    Location: Los Angeles, California

    Followers: 19,412

    But: 135k likes on Facebook

    Vice: Scotch


    Instagram: @marutaro

    Name: Maru Taro

    Kind: Shiba Inu

    Location: Japan

    Followers: 317,006

    Video: YouTube

    Official title: "The most popular dog on Instagram"


    Instagram: @bublog

    Name: Lil Bub

    Kind: The most perfect alien

    Location: Bloomington, Indiana

    Followers: 36,652

    Main website: Lil Bub

    Day job: BuzzFeed Editor


    Instagram: @digbyvanwinkle

    Name: Digby Van Winkle

    Kind: Brussels griffon

    Location: Wellington, New Zealand

    Followers: 34,588

    Favorite accessory: Glasses

    Direct quote: "Approach only if you have bacon."


    Instagram: @darcytheflyinghedgehog

    Name: Darcy The Flying Hedgehog

    Kind: Hedgehog

    Location: Tokyo, Japan

    Followers: 19,015

    Hobbies: Playing with plastic toys, being held, sitting in little hedgehog chairs

    Preferred hashtag: #hedgehog


    Instagram: @makicocomo

    Name: Toco the cat (and his best friend)

    Kind: Heart-exploders

    Location: Japan

    Followers: 803

    Favorite activities: Sleeping, playing, and anything else done together

    Why they are No. 1: If you have to ask, something is wrong with you.

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