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The 40 Most Adorable Baby Animal Photographs Of 2013

A shot of pure love, straight to your heart.

40. The anteater who is wise beyond his years.

Nashville Zoo / Via

39. A 2 day old hippo who is just about to run into momma's behind.

AP Photo/Keystone,Georgios Kefalas

38. A little pig in a little t-shirt.

Getty Images AsiaPac

37. A snow leopard with a bit of sass.

AP Photo/Keystone,J\ean-Christophe Bott

36. Baby coatimundi just wants to play.

35. The sea lion with something to yell over.

Leonhard Foeger / Reuters

34. A rustled baby zebra.

Marina Cano/Solent News//REX USA

33. Snow foxes, who are sort of like clouds or cotton candy and are definitely the softest things on the planet.

Ilya Naymushin / Reuters

32. An extremely sincere baby puppy dog.

31. An extremely determined cygnet.

Getty Images Europe

30. British foxes having an excellent time together.

Richard Austin / Rex/REX USA

29. A baby porcupine who enjoys plums.

28. A bunny sent from heaven to melt hearts.


27. A little sepia watermelon baby tapir.

Amiee Stubbs / Nashville Zoo / Via

26. An extremely acrobatic orangutan.

Richard Austin / Rex/REX USA

25. The sleepiest white lion in the world.

Marko Djurica / Reuters

24. The bats who each have their own little sleeping bags and pillows.

Alex Coppel/Newspix / Rex/REX USA

23. Three little fishing cat cubs, including the cutest and most apprehensive little face on the guy to the right.

AP Photo/FrankAugstein

22. A little armored dinosaur baby rhino.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

21. Caracal cubs, one of whom woke up like this (flawless).

AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

20. The dik-dik in the fireplace that every home needs.

Phil Noble / Reuters

19. An orangutan who is extremely surprised to see you.

AFP/AFP / Getty Images

18. Learning to howl.

Debbie DiCarlo / Rex/REX USA

17. Brother and sister lion cubs.

Handout / Reuters

16. A bear playing hide-n-seek.

Valtteri Mulkahainen/Solent News/REX USA

15. This extremely optimistic baby goat.


14. This puppy who just had a really tough day at work.

13. The happiest baby elephant.


12. Lentil, the bulldog puppy with a cleft palette.

11. The kitten face to rule them all.

10. A sleepy baby sloth.

Patrick Shea/Sea Research Foundation / Via

9. Two poufs of fur aka red pandas.

Birmingham Zoo / Via

8. This clouded leopard who can't BELIEVE what you just said.

AP Photo/The News Tribune, Janet Jensen

7. A polar bear who isn't sure how she feels about snow yet.

Bob Hallinen/Anchorage Daily News / MCT

6. Sir Stuffington the pirate kitten and his brothers.


Alex Coppel/Newspix / Rex/REX USA

4. Bless you.

Mariana Bazo / Reuters

3. The baby gorilla who is listening to all your stories intently, girl.

AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko

2. A somewhat muddy panda.

Mike Blake / Reuters

1. This oncilla kitten who might crush your soul if you stare into her eyes for long enough.

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