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21 Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In The Internet

Often the internet seems like a mean place, but just like in real life, good will always prevail.

1. Lentil was born with a severe cleft palate and his rescuer had to feed him from a tube. But once he was old enough, his Facebook fans donated the money to pay for him to get surgery that allows him to eat on his own.

2. Kim Ho lost her phone and some skater kids found it. This is what they uploaded to her Instagram account.

3. The campaign to give a 5-year-old superhero his own day in San Francisco's Gotham City.

Which the entire country started following thanks to Twitter.

#FollowFriday RT @SFWish: Here he comes!!!! #SFBatkid

Barack Obama


#FollowFriday RT @SFWish: Here he comes!!!! #SFBatkid

/ Via

Leading to thousands of Gotham's citizens turning out to cheer him on.

Batman and #SFBatKid surveying Gotham.

ABC7 News


Batman and #SFBatKid surveying Gotham.

/ Via

4. Patch took a train to Dublin, but the Irish Rail Twitter profile helped him reunite with his mom.

5. When a young Redditor asked the community to send his terminally ill uncle Scott some mail to keep him occupied in his last days.

And send mail they did...

He received over 1,000 letters and gifts.

And he loved looking at and reading every single piece of mail.

6. Saroo Brierley was separated from his family when he was 5 years old. How he found his family, 25 years later, is completely remarkable...

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This ad for Google is a true story.

7. A grandfather returned to Fenway Park after more than 50 years since attending Red Sox games as a young man.

8. Lora Bauer Morris used Facebook to find her husband Mike's long-lost daughter, Michelle. They reunited after 45 years apart.

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9. Matny met the woman he would marry and start a family with after she tracked him down on Facebook and sent him a friend request.

He writes: "Life is just better with Monique. She's beautiful, has a great sense of humor, but I think what makes our relationship special is that she's more than a lover to me. She's my best friend."

10. Popular street photographer Brandon Stanton (Humans of New York) posted this photo...

The result was over $83,000 raised, which more than covers their new son's adoption fees, leaving Chaltu and her brother thousands to put toward their education.

11. When Caine was 9 years old, he built his own arcade, but he never had any customers. Facebook helped him have the best day of his life.

12. Terrell Jermaine Starr met his father for the first time through a Facebook search. He was 30 years old.

13. Two girls needed a best friend but lived thousands of miles apart:

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This ad for Skype is a true story.

14. The Nicest Place on the Internet exists.

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15. Since she became an internet sensation, Lil Bub and her dude Mike Bridavsky have raised over $60,000 for animal rescue and brought attention to the stories of countless cats in need.

16. The song Ze Frank made for a woman who asked for a song "for when you're overwhelmed."

Ze asked her to describe how she felt when she's overwhelmed, and what kinds of thoughts run through her mind. Ze wrote a chorus and reached out to some of his community for recordings of them singing the song. He mixed the individual voices together to make the final song.

Here's a sample of just one of the 30+ voices that make up the chorus:

17. Raymond and Thomas Highers are free men after 25 years in prison for murder. A Facebook post by a former neighbor led to new evidence in the case, which then led to a judge overturning their previous convictions.

18. A blogger friend of homeless veteran Rusty Reed posted a call to arms on her blog when his beloved dog Timber went missing. Within 24 hours, a reader had found a dog matching Timber's description online, and the two best friends were soon reunited.

19. Veteran Harold Percival died with no living family to attend his funeral. His obituary went viral on Twitter, and hundreds of people — service men and women, civilians, and children — attended his funeral.

20. The Vine project asking the question, "What's the most important message you would like to share with the world right now?"

21. A 4Chan user spotted this flyer for the 90th birthday of one William Lashua and posted it on the site.

A call to send Lashua well wishes through the mail went viral, hitting BuzzFeed, Gawker, and Reddit.

He had a good birthday.