How Sexually Adventurous Is Your Brain?

Check your fetish…es. NSFW language, duh.

  1. Check off everything you've ever (sexually) FANTASIZED about:

    To be clear, you don’t have to have done these things or ever plan on doing them, they just have to turn you on.

    1. 1 Kissing.
    2. 2 Naked people.
    3. 3 Having sex.
    4. 4 Having oral sex.
    5. 5 Having sex with someone you have a platonic relationship with.
    6. 6 Doing sexy stuff with more than one person.
    7. 7 Doing sexy stuff on camera.
    8. 8 Being sexy on a stage.
    9. 9 Having sex with someone more than 20 years older than you.
    10. 10 Having sex with a complete stranger.
    11. 11 Being in porn.
    12. 12 Being watched by others while having sex.
    13. 13 Dressing up in a sexual role-playing costume.
    14. 14 Being tied up or tying someone up.
    15. 15 Being whipped or whipping someone.
    16. 16 Having a partner act totally submissive to you.
    17. 17 Being totally submissive to a partner.
    18. 18 Having sex with a specific fictional character.
    19. 19 Having sex with a fictional animated character.
    20. 20 Being crushed by a giant person.
    21. 21 Wearing a rubber bodysuit.
    22. 22 Being covered in syrup.
    23. 23 Having sex in public.
    24. 24 Having sex with your boss.
    25. 25 Having sex with one of your parents’ friends.
    26. 26 Having sex with someone whose wedding you were in.
    27. 27 Having sex with someone else in front of someone you’re monogamous with.
    28. 28 Wearing a diaper.
    29. 29 Peeing on someone or being peed on.
    30. 30 Doin’ it in mud or dirt.
    31. 31 A conjugal visit at a prison.
    32. 32 Being blindfolded during sex.
    33. 33 Having sex with someone in a mascot/animal costume.
    34. 34 Having sex with a my little pony.
    35. 35 Having sex with an alien.
    36. 36 Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about a friend you were hanging out with platonically?
    37. 37 Have you ever had a sexual fantasy while at work?
    38. 38 Have you ever had a sexual fantasy while hanging out with your family?
    39. 39 Have you ever had a sexual fantasy while staring at a stranger?
    40. 40 Did you fantasize while reading this post?

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