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A Tribute To Leonardo DiCaprio's Hair In The '90s

Dreamboat-turned-real-actor Leonardo DiCaprio turns 38 years old today. We all know that his best work was done by his hair from 1992-2000.

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In the early '90s, Leo had the same hair as the boy we all had crushes on at school.

Then he got a haircut and we got an even better look at dem eyes.

From there, things got even better.

Leo's hair was perfect.

Perpetually perfectly inbetween long/rock-star and shaggy/mussed.

Also sandwiched lovingly in-between Troy Dyer greasy and clean/shiny.

It was perfect when he loved Claire Danes.

And it was perfect when he looked at Kate Winslet.

It was perfectly tousled.


Dear Leo's Hair: Why did you ever have to change?

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