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    Posted on May 30, 2014

    18 New Ways To Make S'mores

    Everyone knows s’mores are the ultimate camp food, and there’s pretty much nothing better than this classic treat. But, for those times when you’re craving that chocolate-marshmallow goodness and you can’t find a nearby campfire, or for when you just want to spice up your s’mores game a little, here are some amazing recipes you can make all-year-round, and even right at home!

    1. Rice Krispie S'mores

    Via Instagram: @mister_krisp

    These beauties were made by rice krispie master and artiste Misterkrisp, and you can order from her too! Or, try out these babies at home.

    2. Challah S’mores


    These were made by a professional chef Bubby’s Best, but with patience, talent, and maybe some help from your own Bubby, you will be a smash hit at any Shabbat party.

    3. Frozen S’mores

    Dominique Ansel made these babies insta-famous, and we just have to admit, there’s no way you're making this at home. Just suck it up and go get them, like now. (And pick up a cronut for us while you’re at it.)

    4. S’mores Brownies

    Some call them dream bars, some call them slutty brownies, but we’re keeping it classic with this ultimate mash-up of camp food sweets.

    5. Nutella S’mores

    Because when is adding Nutella ever a bad thing?

    6. Pretzel S’mores

    Salty + sweet mini perfection

    7. S’mores Bark

    For the perfect balance of s’mores ingredients in every bite.

    8. Chocolate Chip Cookie S'mores

    Any type of cookie, any type of filling... these are heavenly. Just look at that melty chocolate.

    9. S’mores Fondue

    Class up your campfire with this DIY-version of our favorite outdoor treat.

    10. Grilled banana s’mores

    There’s fruit in it, so it’s heathy, right…?

    11. Chocolate Peanut Butter S’mores

    Move over Annie and Hallie, s'mores and peanut butter are the new Oreos and peanut butter. (But we still love 'em!)

    12. S’mores Puppy Chow

    This Midwestern snack is the perfect vehicle for adding basically anything to your s’mores… mnm’s, pretzels, peanuts, the s’mores world is your oyster. But don’t add oysters, cause that’s just gross.

    13. S'mores French Toast

    Taking breakfast to a whole other level.

    14. S'mores Crunch Bars

    Blending 3 delicacies together: rice krispies, peanut butter, and marshmallows. What could go wrong?

    15. S'mores Cupcakes


    Perfect for any birthday surprise! Kings and queens and bishops too will wanna wish the best to you ... and eat all of your bday cupcakes.

    16. Cookie Dough S'mores

    Yes, it is just as good as it sounds.

    17. S'mores Cookie Bites

    They're mini and pretty and YUM.

    18. Good ol' Fashioned S'mores

    An all-time classic and Summer 365 favorite. (Hint: they taste even better at camp.)

    And for more sweet treats...

    Check out Summer 365's camp-infused Pinterest board, with a whole section appropriately deemed "I Want S'more," because, let's face it, we are s'mores addicts through and through.

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