Summer 365
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  • 12 Best Movies About Summer

    For every thunderstorm and frizzy-hair day, there is an amazingly perfect movie about summer. So pour yourself that iced coffee or lemonade (spiked or not, your choice), turn up the AC, position yourself in the least-sticky way on the couch, and stay there until your dreams of a non-humid summer come true.

  • The Magic Tricks Of Summer Camp

    Follow me down memory lane… back to when you were little and saw your first magic trick. You didn’t really understand it, you couldn’t fully explain it, but you know that it amazed you and exceeded all your expectations of what you thought was going to happen. This is how I try to explain sleepaway camp to those who have never been. My answer to the question, “why go to summer camp:” because then, you too will be part of the group that understands the unexplainable magic of camp.

  • 18 New Ways To Make S’mores

    Everyone knows s’mores are the ultimate camp food, and there’s pretty much nothing better than this classic treat. But, for those times when you’re craving that chocolate-marshmallow goodness and you can’t find a nearby campfire, or for when you just want to spice up your s’mores game a little, here are some amazing recipes you can make all-year-round, and even right at home!

  • 20 Celebrities That Went To Camp

    Yes, you heard us, even Hollywood’s latest and greatest went to sleepaway camp! They slept in bunk beds, ran in apache relays, and probably made out with someone behind the canteen… stars, they’re just like us!

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