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    This Instagrammer Has Been Creating Makeup Looks Inspired By Indian Snacks And I Am In Awe

    Talk about serving lewks!

    Meet Divya Premchand, a 20-year-old NRI from the "Gelf" who absolutely loves makeup and snacks (duh!). She runs an Instagram page that is full of surreal makeup looks inspired by actresses, princesses, and food.

    However, it is the 'snacks' that caught our attention. Divya has been creating makeup looks that beautifully encapsulate the essence of some of India's favourite snacks.

    Here's her take on Haldiram's Bhujia:

    And here's a lewk inspired by Poppins:

    And here's her nailing the Pass Pass aesthetic:

    Here's Divya serving looks with Lay's Magic Masala as her inspiration:

    And here's her on fleek depiction of everyone's favourite -Maggi.

    This extremely talented creator has also been doing some on-point makeup inspired by Disney princesses. Here's her as Cinderella:

    And Snow White:

    And here's desi Belle:

    To see more of her fantastic work, you can follow Divya on Instagram here.

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