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10 Mouth-Watering New Brunswick Foods You Need To Try ASAP

And no, they're not all seafood!

What do you get when you mix delicate French cuisine, small-town practicality, and some the freshest seafood in the world? If you guessed a delicious New Brunswick menu, you are correct!

Lobster roll with French fries
Khanh Ngo Photography / Getty Images

Here's a list to get you started...but you should probably just head to New Brunswick to experience the cuisine for yourself!

1. Covered Bridge Chips

A bag of covered bridge potato chips
Liza Hicks // BuzzFeed

As a self-designated "chip connoisseur,"  I recommend that you get your hands on a bag of these bad boys, STAT. They get their name from their hometown of Hartland, New Brunswick...which is also home to the longest covered bridge in the world. With flavours ranging from the ordinary (BBQ, All Dressed) to the obscure (Storm Chips, anyone?), you really must try them to understand the cult-like following.

Hot tip: Try the Weekender bag; a perfect mix of Sea Salt & Vinegar, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper, Smokin' Sweet BBQ, and Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno all in one convenient bag. 

2. Garlic fingers

Liza Hicks // BuzzFeed

While not exactly unique to New Brunswick, Atlantic Canadians are significantly more into garlic fingers than anyone else! My super-scientific hypothesis is that its because Maritimers serve theirs with Maritime Donair Sauce. *Drools profusely*

Hot tip: Locals swear by the garlic fingers at Pizza Delight. After all, you can't go wrong with carbs, cheese, and garlic!     

3. Dulse

Several paper bags of fresh Dulse for sale in Saint John City Market
Bruce Yuanyue Bi / Getty Images / Via

Made from a thick reddish-purple seaweed, this tasty snack has a salty, tangy flavour and a bit of a crunch to it. The majority of dulse comes from Grand Manan Island just southwest of St. John, with roughly 1 million pounds harvested annually! 

Hot tip: If you want to eat like a true local, substitute bacon in your sandwich and try a delicious DLT

4. Lobster

A photo of a lobster roll and fries
Liza Hicks // BuzzFeed

Did you really think we were going to get through this list without mentioning these delicious hard-shelled delights?! While you can find lobster almost anywhere in the province, true lobster lovers know that the town of Shediac, New Brunswick, is where it's at! Known as the Lobster Capital of the World, this small town has a lobster dinner cruise where you can can enjoy the fresh air and the freshest catches.

Hot tip: Enjoy a lobster roll with beautiful ocean views at The Caves Restaurant, a family restaurant located on the Bay of Fundy at the famous St. Martins’ Sea Caves. 

5. Anything seafood really

A photo of bacon wrapped scallops topped with maple syrup
Liza Hicks // BuzzFeed

Now that we've broached the topic of seafood...let's just get this out of the way. If you're going to eat seafood in New Brunswick, it's gonna be good.

Hot tip: Next time you're in Saint John, check out these Digby Bacon Maple Scallops from the Saint John Ale House. Topped with Canadian maple syrup, they're the perfect combination of sweet and savoury all in one yummy bite. 

6. Rappie Pie

Photo of a cooked potato-chicken mix in a casserole dish.
Alleko / Getty Images/iStockphoto

This traditional Acadian dish gets its name from the French "patates râpées," meaning "grated potatoes." Think of it as a mix between a warm chicken soup and a giant hashbrown. It's basically love in a casserole dish. 

Hot tip: If you're in the mood, try making rappie pie for yourself!

7. Donair

yucelozel / Getty Images / Via

A more recent addition to the Maritime area, the donair is actually said to have been invented in the 1970s by Greek immigrants in Nova Scotia, quickly spreading to surrounding areas like New Brunswick. Similar to a gyro but with a few unique eastern Canadian twists, this one is a crowd-pleaser, and it's easy to see why. Anyone else's stomach growling?

Hot tip: Check out this Tasty recipe Donair Pizza! It's literally a donair but on a pizza...the best of both worlds! 

8. Pets de sœur

These pinwheel pastries are as ingenious as they are delicious! Made from leftover pie crusts, the sweet and cinnamony goodness gives Cinnabon a run for its money. If that's not enough to sell you, the name's direct translation means Nun Farts. Delicious AND entertaining!

Hot tip: Want to try making Nun Farts at home? Check out this Tasty recipe.

9. Ployes

10. Coques Frites

Whether it's fried, flipped, or fresh from the sea, New Brunswick cuisine is anything but a flop. Which of these foods tickled your taste buds the most? Let us know in the comments!

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