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14 Of The Most Beautiful Places You Never Knew Existed, And They’re All In Nunavut!

Check out these secret tips from a Nunavut local.

Hi, I’m Bibi, and I'm a writer who lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut. I grew up in downtown Toronto, but I traded the city life for the Arctic. I have been calling Nunavut home for almost a decade, so I’m excited to share my favourite parts about living in this beautiful territory that I’m fortunate enough to have discovered.

Bibi cross country skiing
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Nunavut, or “Our Land” in Inuktitut, is the home of the Inuit and is one of the most beautiful yet mysterious places in the world. Take it from a local: It’s time you took the trip up to the REAL North to discover some of these unbelievable places.

Canada, Nunavut Territory, Repulse Bay, Polar Bear stands on melting sea ice at sunset near Harbour Islands
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Here are a couple of my personal recommendations:

1. Apex, traditionally known as "Niaqunngut."

2. Kugaaruk, which stands for “little stream” in Inuktitut.

3. Arctic Bay, also named "Ikpiarjuk," which means "the pocket" in Inuktitut.

4. Kugluktuk, meaning "place of moving water."

5. Pond Inlet, or "Mittimatalik" in Inuktitut, named after an unknown ancient person who is said to be buried here.

6. Naujaat, which means "seagull nesting place."

7. Pangnirtung, lovingly called "Pang" by locals.

8. Cambridge Bay, called "Iqaluktuuttiaq" in Inuinnaqtun, meaning "good place to fish."

9. Rankin Inlet, called "Kangiqtiniq" in Inuktitut for "deep inlet."

10. Igloolik, spelled "Iglulik" in Inuktitut, which means "place of igloos."

11. Chesterfield Inlet, which is called "Igluligarrjuk" in Inuktitut and means "place of few houses."

12. Kimmirut, which locals refer to as “the heel” because of a unique rocky outcrop that resembles a foot.

13. Baker Lake, which means "where the river widens" and in Inuktitut is known as "Qamani’tuaq."

14. Grise Fiord, known as "Aujuittuq" in Inuktitut, meaning "place that never thaws."

If you are craving epic adventures, photos worth sharing, and memories to last a lifetime, you’ll definitely want to put Nunavut on your travel list! What are you waiting for? Experience Canada’s best-kept secret: Nunavut! You won’t want to leave.

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