Everyone's Zodiac Matches A Marvel Phase 4 Character Perfectly, So It's Time To Find Out Exactly Which You Are

    From Xu Xialing and Vision, there are no boring options.

    I think that a lot of people can relate to one Marvel heroes personality because there are so many. So here ya go!! (I would have done Eternals but that movie kind of sucked in my opinion.)

    Aries (March 21st–April 19th): Alexei Shostakov AKA The Red Guardian

    red guardian, a man with a long beard who wears a helmet and tight bodysuit with a star on it

    Taurus (April 20th–May 20th): Xu Xialing

    xialing has a short bob with bangs, and wears a tight suit

    Gemini (May 21st–June 20th): Loki

    loki has chin-length hair that's pushed back, wears a shiny suit and cape

    Cancer (June 21st–July 22nd): Yelena Belova

    yelena has long hair and wears a jacket over a v-neck shirt

    Leo (July 23rd–August 22nd): Shang-Chi

    shang chi holds his hands out and fire comes out of them

    Virgo (August 23rd–September 22nd): Melina

    melina wears a dark suit and her hair is in a ponytail

    Libra (September 23rd–October 22nd): Spider-Man

    spider man in a tight suit with webs on it, stands in ruins

    Scorpio (October 23rd–November 21st): Natasha Romanoff

    natasha wears a ponytail and leans forward in a field

    Sagittarius (November 22nd—December 21st): Kate Bishop

    kate bishop holds a bow and arrow

    Capricorn (December 22nd–January 19th): Clint Barton

    clint wears a hoodie and has stitches on his face

    Aquarius (January 20th–February 18th): Vision

    vision, a robot, looks to the side

    Pisces (February 19th–March 20th): Wanda Maximoff

    wanda wears a devil costume and holds her hands out to the sides, eyes shut